Lazy Luna

A few brief things. You may see a new color scheme on here. Not sure yet if I like it so I might change it again. Right now it looks…bloody.

I’ve written my first two song flash fics for September and scheduled them. Two left to go. For October I might do pumpkin/autumn/Halloween themed flashes, but don’t worry you scaredy cats, I’m not going to get too scary. After all, you may recall Professor Spock began on Halloween several years ago now.

Haven’t decided on November yet, but when I get to December, I bet you can guess what they will be related to! HA

I updated the Pinto story, Orchestral Maneuvers. Again, there’s a Pinto flash on Friday. I may just hit those other two song fics before tackling Transfer Request, so that’s liable to push that out until next week.

It’s 101 today. Yeah. So.

Next week begins August already, if you can believe it. I’ll try to do a walk with me for that month without dying from heatstroke, but I might actually change locations for it, so you can see something different.