“Okay, seriously. What the hell is Christmas in July and why should I care about it?”

Jim Kirk eyed his grumpy-assed friend, Leonard McCoy. They were standing in the entry-way of Starfleet Academy’s cafeteria. The entire eating area had been turned into a themed decorated place, Christmas in July, as it announced on banners everywhere.

Jim shrugged. “It’s a thing, I guess.”

Bones looked at him, his face pinched. “It’s not a thing.”

“It is. They have sales and people watch romantic Christmas movies and—”

“Spare me. You didn’t have anything to do with all this, did you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Surprised they allowed it. There’s Janice. I’m going over there. You coming?”

Jim’s gaze swept over the cafeteria and landed exactly on whom he had been seeking. “No.”

Bones followed his gaze. “You don’t stand a chance, Romeo.”

He sauntered off and Jim drummed up the courage to go past the hanging holly, snowflakes, and tinsel hanging from everywhere.

There in the very far corner, as far away from the decorations as could be, sat the object of Jim’s fascination.

Jim sat across from him. “Good morning.”

Very slowly, the professor’s gaze rose. “Cadet.”

Jim tried to play it cool. “After last night, I thought we’d be on a first name basis.”

“Do keep your voice down.”

“There’s no one near us. You couldn’t have picked a more isolated spot.”

The Vulcan professor, Spock, nodded. “I was attempting to keep myself as far away from the festivities as possible.”

“Don’t like Christmas?”

“I have no particular feelings regarding Christmas.”

“In July perhaps?”

“It is not logical. Earlier they were passing out peppermint mochas.”

Jim smiled. “Did you try one?”

“I did not,” Spock said stiffly. “They were hot.”

“Er yeah. Maybe later I can secure some peppermint ice cream or something.” Jim moistened his lips. “Want to come over and watch romantic Christmas movies with me? There’s one on called A Rocky Mountain Christmas.”

“If I spend the evening with you, we will engage in intimacy.”

His smile widened. “That’s the idea.”

“Cadet.” Spock paused. “I am uncertain we should continue our assignations.”

“But you want to.”

He nodded. “Indeed.”

“There’s no reason to stop. I’m not your student, and really you’re a commander who programs the complicated tests we take, you’re not an ordinary professor.” He stroked his fingers across Spock’s. “There’s nothing ordinary about you.”

Dark eyes met his. “Nor you.”

Jim turned Spock’s palm over and traced the lines there. He kept his gaze on Spock. “Coming over?”

“I will be there.” Spock switched his gaze back to the decorated cafeteria. “I believe you have a class.”

Jim chuckled. “I do.”

“Go out the south door. You will avoid Cadet Rimley who is waiting by the North door with mistletoe for you.”

Jim squeezed Spock’s hand before releasing it. “Will do. See you tonight.”


Jim was aware of Spock’s gaze on him as he brushed past hanging ornaments and packages, and when he made it to the south exit, he turned back to see Rimley looking pissed. Jim laughed again and went to class.

A merry Christmas in July indeed.   

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