When I mentioned doing a Christmas flash for the Pinto Regency boys, JJ mentioned Christmas in July as a hint that she would love a Flash for this month as well. Enjoy.

I wasn’t surprised to see him riding out toward my spot on the grass. I expected he would join me at some point. But I was surprised at how quickly he appeared.

Zachary was an elegant rider, beautiful and masculine, and today he was dressed all in chestnut brown which seemed to match the color of his big stallion. He jumped off as soon as he stopped next to me, tying his horse to the nearest tree, next to the horse I’d left there.

He grinned down at me. “You’ve taken your boots off, young Lord Christopher. How scandalous.”

I chuckled. “There’s no one around for miles and this is your own estate. I think going barefoot should be permitted.”

He dropped down next to me on the blanket, on his knees, and to my delighted surprise, his mouth covered mine in a deep, breath-stealing kiss.

“Zach,” I breathed out when he broke away. “I thought you said we dare not.”

He flopped down on his back then, to gaze up at the afternoon sun. “As you said, there’s no one here. No one but us. I’ve even sent the staff away.”

“Did you finish your estate work?”

“Yes. All finished. Well, until day after tomorrow anyway. The rest of the day is ours.”

“And night.”

“Mm. Mrs. Hatchett has left us a roasted chicken for supper. And I am sure I can throw together some things to accompany it.”

“Sounds like heaven,” I admitted. I turned over on my stomach and rested my hand on his, over his coat. “I wish we never had to leave. This place is glorious.”

“What makes it glorious is being here with you. I’ve been here dozens of times, over years of my life, and believe me, it wasn’t near as glorious.”

I smiled and glanced around, but saw nothing and no one. Except a bird or two flying overhead. I leaned over and placed my mouth on his, feeling the rough stubble on his face. He tasted vaguely of whiskey and tobacco, but somehow it was not at all unpleasant.

His hand came up to hold my jaw in place as he increased the pressure of our lips. His tongue darted out to swipe against mine and I moaned low.

Zach released my jaw then and sighed. “Let’s go back to the house and continue this more privately.”

“All right,” I agreed, readily.

“Unless you’ve been enjoying the sun out here. It can wait if you wish.”

I shook my head and straightened up to my knees. “What I wish is to go back to the house, to our room, where you can spent the rest of what’s left of daylight ravishing me, before we have supper.”

Zach arched a brow. “Consider yourself ravished, Lord Christopher. It will definitely be my pleasure.”

We rose and folded up the blanket, returning to the horses, to ride back to the manor house to enjoy what remained of the day.