“Hey, Mom?” Jim Kirk stood by window next to the back door of the family’s farmhouse.  

“Yeah Jim?”

“I’m going to go check on the barn.”

She appeared next to him, arms crossed in front of her chest, wearing an oversized sweater. Jim couldn’t totally blame her. It was cold. Outside anyway. But ever since she got sick a month ago, she got colder easy, even inside in the heat. Jim was sweltering though.

He’d moved back home to help her after her illness. She was doing much better, yeah, but not up to herself yet.

“Something wrong?”

He smiled, reassuringly. “Doubtful. I saw a flash of light or something. Probably just lightening.”

“Lightening?” She frowned. “Didn’t hear any thunder.”

“Too far off, probably. I’ll just be a second.”

“Okay. Should I make a pot of coffee?”

He squeezed her shoulder. “Good idea. Be right back.”

He went to the peg that held his coat and shrugged into it. He pulled up the hood and went out the back door and started for the barn. Rain splattered on him, at an angle, so the hood wasn’t much protection, the drops kept hitting his face.

Jim frowned when he noticed the barn door was ajar. He had definitely closed it earlier, knowing that it was going to rain.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

It was possible someone broke into the barn to seek shelter. If so, Jim would invite them into the house for food and to dry out.

He pushed open the door.

“Hey? It’s Jim Kirk. Are you in my barn?”

And then he saw a mostly naked long hair man huddled next to his jeep.

“Hi. Do-do you need help?”

“Wait. Wait. Jim. You cannot just drop Pre-Surak Spock into Jim’s world. He won’t know what to do with a Vulcan. And Spock won’t know what to do with Jim. They won’t be able to speak to each other.”

“Well. I guess they’ll find a way, won’t they?”


“Spock, it’s too late. He’s there. And Jim already knows!”