I made pea soup. Yes, I did. It’s made with spring peas. It was not terrible.

Where M is he gets no phone service. I am very very sad. We’ve exchanged a couple of emails though.

I was challenged to write a new chapter of Primal Lust. It’s coming soon and may shock the more feint of heart.

I will also be posting chapters of The Mysterious One and My Devotion. I did already finish a flash for Friday. I think that’s about all I can manage for this week, honestly, since I am watching stuff.

I watched all of I Am the Night. Chris was fantastic in it. And so was the little actress in the main roll. Creepy story though.

I’m catching up on the first season of Discovery as well. I watched Rio Bravo and some Harry Potter movies also. We’ll see what else I can get up to.

And now we’re going into April already. Time flies.