This morning’s walk was shorter than usual as I have some things to get done this morning, but I might go again later. We shall see.

Everything is in full bloom and it smells incredible out. What I am sure none of you know, one of my favorite smells of anything are orange blossoms and they are abundant here at this time of year. It was amazing.

I photoed lots of trees this time. All my pictures are taken with an iPhone.

More trees

Local Trees, See big ole Christmas Tree! Ha
This is looking down the street of one my favorite neighborhood blocks, I love the houses on it. At the very end is a small one tucked away separate with only two bedrooms. Very cute~
Looks at the size of this guy’s trunk! And they say size doesn’t matter!
The park has exercise equipment. I have even seen people use it. Not me, of course.
More Equipment
More Equipment
More ugly Birds of Paradise
More palm trees and one of my favorite houses (green house)
more trees, I like the little tree next to the big ones
Wow look at that sky! oh and more trees
Some big ones
Tree with Crow
Ghost hanging off the freeway, LOL
Little tiny daisies that are everywhere
barren trees
Unknown Cool Flower