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May 2022 Walk With Me

It’s been a while so I thought I’d get some pictures up of May here in So Cal. How long will this last considering we are on mega water restrictions? Who knows.

In other news, I am going to be working a lot of Over Time at work on a project for a few months so that’s going to cut even more into my writing. Sorry to say.

Someone commented recently about me working on Spirk fic on AO3 for pretty much a decade, which is close to true (9 years in August) and though they were complimentary it also got me thinking. How long is too long? I don’t know.

Palm trees and jacarandas are everywhere
The trees are indeed alive
Roofers on their mission to replace the whole complex’s roofs
purple flowers
More flowers but they are wilting
The Jacaranda trees are madly blooming
Lots of purple/lavender flowers around
Jacarandas bloom in spring but do their best to lose their blooms by summer as you can see! LOL
My little front yard decorated for spring and Memorial Day

Walk with me, July 2020

This month’s walk with me is just around my condo complex. These pictures really prove that God or Nature can do color better than anything man can come up with.

All of this bougainvillea is just amazing.

Color everywhere even by the garages lol
I love the little white flowers among the yellow
Dig these two sycamore trees
These are by one of the trash dumpsters!
Flowers by the pool we are not allowed to use
More flowers by pool we can’t use
Pretty purple flowers
My summer garden stakes out side my house part 1, these will be replaced by fall in September
Summer stakes part 2
Live Long and Prosper

Rambles for April 04 2020

During my walk at lunch Friday I took pictures of one of the neighbor’s roses and thought I would share.

I finished The Fling as you all know. It had been a while since I finished one of my ongoing WIPs so it felt good to get it done.

And now the next check in for the T’hy’la Bang if the 18th of this month. If I want art claims I must be 75% done (or if it’s going to be 15,000 words at least 12,000 done). So that’s what I intend to work on for the next little while in April. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Tomorrow we are due a little rain, and I think Monday as well.

I am firmly entrenched at home with work and not going out even to the grocery store. At least for several days. I’m trying to stay in as much as I can. Originally on the 11th, we were supposed to go to a child’s 5th birthday party but that had to be canceled, obviously.

That’s the latest here. Stay in and stay well.

Walking at Lunch, April 2 2020

Today I walked at lunch, since this is day one of a full day of work at home. It was a beautiful April day. Absolutely nothing to indicate what’s really going on in the world.

March Walk With Me

An old Farmers Insurance Building in our City is being torn down to be replaced by mixed use stuff (apartments, park, restaurants, etc…)Was vacant for years but still dramatic.
More- the building is from yesterday by our Target
Very gloom day for March. Seemed more like a December day or something. About to have a week of stormy weather, probably the last of whatever we’re going to get but cool and gloomy
This truck has seen better days!
More Gloomy Sky
Some Beauty Among Dirt and Weeds
Wild Growing Rosemary
The Gloom Continues
Cute Little Flowers
Little tree
Another Little Tree
The Gloom

Walk With Me December Edition

If you can stand one more post from me…

It’s been a while since I went for my walk around the neighborhood so now seemed like a good time.

Here’s Our Newly Done Garage Door Again
December Trees
More December Trees
And More
December Trees losing their leaves and yes changing colors
This one has lost all of his but they’ll be back in the spring
Look at how brown these are, they were green not long ago
Christmas Creatures on Someone’s lawn
More Decorations on my walk
Looks like Santa got run over by his reindeer!
Someone’s Nativity (Plastic)
Look at all that red in the trees

Walk With Me November

I literally only have Christmas Day to write for the 25 Days of Christmas. Which I will be working on the minute I post this. The list of what you can expect has been updated too.

Unfortunately I still have my Jim/Prime Holiday story to finish, but I am super super proud of being very nearly finished with my December flashes. I will have earned January off for flashes!

My still unfixed garage, I sure hope I can show you a shiny new one in December
Used to be a tree, sad
Looking down over another condo complex from above where we are
I was trying to find pictures from last November but couldn’t find them, but I am pretty sure this tree was barren last year of leaves and didn’t look anything like this last year. Not now!
Picture turned out weird, but it’s a picture of the park with no one in it! HA HA I was alone. This is the playground and even though the kids are off this week it was abandoned.
Trash clings to the fence outside the park from the nearby freeway. Humans really suck
Look at that blue sky (it’s gotten cloudy since), but see this tree has lost it’s leaves
I’ve shown these before but they are so pretty I am showing them again
These trees are losing their leaves too
More trees losing their leaves and some stubbornly holding onto theirs.
And now it is the 12 days of coffee! I may be obsessed.

October Walk With Me, October 05, 2019

I decided to do the first October Walk With Me from my new work location.

I ordered this tray myself from Amazon as I needed a place to put files and they didn’t give me one at the new location. So I bought it myself.
One of trees along the waling paths at work (nope don’t know the kind)
A path next to another building at the complex, another beautiful day
An explosion of Purple Flowers!
Look at that perfect sky with the palm trees swaying, gorgeous
My new co-worker, Bucky LOL

September 20, 2019 Walk With Me

Decided my walk with me for the later part of September is going to be a bit different. All but one of these pictures was from yesterday

FYI, a friend’s coming over today so I decided to make the cheesecake next Saturday instead. It will be 20 degrees cooler then anyway so it’s just a better day.

On to the walk. These are the places I see on my walk at work. Since this is my last week at this location, which is rather sad after all these years, I thought I would show you the landscape I’ve seen over these many years as I go for daily walks to get in my steps. The first pictures is from this past Tuesday when it was cloudy and cool. It hasn’t been the rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 17th
Some years ago this was a pond with water and fountains and ducks. Much nicer than before they decided they didn’t want to have it there anymore and turned it into a planter.

Anyway, that’s it. My last week seeing all this is coming up. Friday, September 27th we will leave this place, early, forever. It’s sad. But life marches on and with it changes we must face.

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