I literally only have Christmas Day to write for the 25 Days of Christmas. Which I will be working on the minute I post this. The list of what you can expect has been updated too.

Unfortunately I still have my Jim/Prime Holiday story to finish, but I am super super proud of being very nearly finished with my December flashes. I will have earned January off for flashes!

My still unfixed garage, I sure hope I can show you a shiny new one in December
Used to be a tree, sad
Looking down over another condo complex from above where we are
I was trying to find pictures from last November but couldn’t find them, but I am pretty sure this tree was barren last year of leaves and didn’t look anything like this last year. Not now!
Picture turned out weird, but it’s a picture of the park with no one in it! HA HA I was alone. This is the playground and even though the kids are off this week it was abandoned.
Trash clings to the fence outside the park from the nearby freeway. Humans really suck
Look at that blue sky (it’s gotten cloudy since), but see this tree has lost it’s leaves
I’ve shown these before but they are so pretty I am showing them again
These trees are losing their leaves too
More trees losing their leaves and some stubbornly holding onto theirs.
And now it is the 12 days of coffee! I may be obsessed.