Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone. I am off this week but still busy busy! Ha

I will try and get a Walk With Me for November done in the next day or so. I have been doing a lot of walking at work so I figure you don’t really want a bunch of buildings and cars, but I’ll take a walk in my neighborhood this week while I am off.

The other day we got rain and so I took this picture.

This is at our office

Speaking of my favorite guard at the office got fired Friday afternoon and we were all very very sad. Young kid too. He made a mistake, no doubt about it, but we all thought he should have been retrained and given another chance. But that didn’t happen and it sucks bad.

I feel kind of bad that I spoiled Wednesday’s Flash Fic for this week by posting it early so I am going to try super hard to get something going for this Wednesday. Cross your fingers.

I think I only have December 19, 23, 24 and 25 left to write for December. I am hoping to get those all done and scheduled this week so if I am not around a lot or very responsive you will know why.

Lest you think I am only a boozer, I decided to do the 12 Days of Teas too. Here is a picture of them. Very nice indeed!

They are even numbered! Cool, huh?

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I name my frozen turkey. Someone out there probably thinks that’s cruel or insane or whatever but here is Larry (yes Larry)

21 pounds

The best news is not getting up at 5 AM this week. Yay.

We are predicted to be cold and rainy on Thanksgiving if you can believe that. Two years ago, in 2017, when we went out to Ruth’s Chris is was 95! This year it’s supposed to rain and be 51! What a huge difference.

Have a great week everyone and I will be back to talk to you soon.