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“What are you doing out here?”

Jim looked over his shoulder at Bones and smiled. “Out here? This is a space station, can it really be out here?”


“You’re the one that compared it to a snow globe.”

“You’re deflecting.”

Jim sighed as Bones came up to sit next to him on the bench overlooking the manmade park for Yorktown. It was made to look like Golden Gate Park. Jim thought it failed.

“Are you avoiding someone in particular?”

“Just…no, not really.”

“I’m sorry, Jim. I know you were hoping…”

“No,” he interrupted quickly. “No. I wasn’t hoping that. At all.”

Bones patted his knee. “They’re about to cut some of the pie. You should come back to the dinner. Everyone’s asking after you. Ensign Parks made the sweet potato pie special for you.”

He didn’t have the heart to admit he didn’t care for sweet potato pie. Instead he nodded. “I’ll be right in.”


“I will. I need to contact my mom.”

Bones sighed. “Okay. Under ten minutes, Jim.”

The first thing his mom said was, “You look wrecked.”

He smiled faintly. “Nah, I’m okay. Just still a little soreness from my injuries. Which had mostly healed. I’m good.”

“And emotionally?”

“Also good. Promise.”

“Wish I was there. Or you were here.”

His smile widened. “Me too. But I couldn’t let today go without contacting you. I guess I’m expected back inside for dessert. Dinner’s over.”

“Was it good?”

“Delicious. They did a great job with the turkey and all the sides.” He paused. “How about you, Mom?”

“Oh, I went to a restaurant. With just me, it’s not worth it to make anything. But it was good.”

He felt sad again, but didn’t think it was a good idea to let her see. She couldn’t change anything anyway. It was what it was.


Yeah, he sounded like Spock.

He blew out a breath and forced a smile. “I should go. Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.”

“Okay, Jim. Talk soon. Happy Thanksgiving.”

He closed his communicator and stood, to be faced with Spock.

“Oh. Hi. I was coming back inside.”

“Yes. I was told to check on you.”

Jim smiled. “Everything okay?”

“Affirmative.” Spock hesitated. “Captain, I was wondering if I could speak to you later, after dessert.”

“Sure, Spock. Any time.”

He followed Spock inside and smiled at and thanked Ensign Parks as she excitedly handed Jim a slice of sweet potato pie. “This looks delicious, Ensign, thank you.”

His smile slipped only a little when Spock returned to Uhura’s side. Uhura stood talking to Sulu and his husband and daughter. She put her hand on Spock’s back as he rejoined them. Jim shook his head and turned away to seek out Bones. He could use a drink.