Decided my walk with me for the later part of September is going to be a bit different. All but one of these pictures was from yesterday

FYI, a friend’s coming over today so I decided to make the cheesecake next Saturday instead. It will be 20 degrees cooler then anyway so it’s just a better day.

On to the walk. These are the places I see on my walk at work. Since this is my last week at this location, which is rather sad after all these years, I thought I would show you the landscape I’ve seen over these many years as I go for daily walks to get in my steps. The first pictures is from this past Tuesday when it was cloudy and cool. It hasn’t been the rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 17th
Some years ago this was a pond with water and fountains and ducks. Much nicer than before they decided they didn’t want to have it there anymore and turned it into a planter.

Anyway, that’s it. My last week seeing all this is coming up. Friday, September 27th we will leave this place, early, forever. It’s sad. But life marches on and with it changes we must face.