Super short this weeks folks for my sanity- Takes place right after Spock kicks Khan’s ass.

“Hey, Spock. Are you okay?”

Spock didn’t even turn around at McCoy’s question. “Of course I am not okay.”

McCoy sighed and stepped up close to where Spock stood looking out the hospital’s observation window looking out at the San Francisco skyline. “He’s going to be all right. It worked.”

“He has not yet awakened.” He heard the quiver in his own voice.

“It’s only a matter of time. Thanks to you. You saved Jim, Spock. He’s coming back to us.”

Spock turned around to see McCoy smiling. He patted Spock’s arm.

“It’s all good, Spock. Get some rest. I’ll let you know the minute he starts to stir.”

“Thank you.”

McCoy went back into Kirk’s room. Spock closed his eyes, feeling the relief flow through him. He turned and headed for the cafeteria. He could use some tea and perhaps something to eat. It had been three days.