Hello friends

I stalled a bit on All I Ever Wanted because of getting Our So-Called Life started again, but I still intend to get the last two chapters of this fic done this week. It’ll be good to have another story finish.

Once that is completed, I will be going back to Nine Lives and then Transfer Request. I don’t think I will be completing those, just updating them.

I don’t really remember but I thought last year at this time the coordinator who does the OMS challenge got in touch with people who do it or were interested or posted something about it in July and so far I haven’t heard anything about this year. So I wonder if that means it’s a no go or if I am mis-remembering! HA. If it is a go, I will probably put something together for the November posting.

Today isn’t supposed to be too hot here. I know it’s horrible right now in other parts of the country. Only 81 today. But then getting up into the 90s the rest of the week.

We get a free lunch today at the local seafood restaurant. I am excited! Because we are on their emailing list. So that’s something we are doing today. The rest of the weekend is just chill.

Hope you have a good weekend, time, etc, with whatever you are doing.

And stay cool