I spent yesterday getting the next chapter of I Will Follow You Into the Dark ready for posting on Wednesday. Not sure how many more chapters there will be, but I think just a few. I am up to 7 so I am thinking maybe 10. Then it will get posted to AO3.

This week’s flash is a Pinto one (one of you has already read it) related to The Thought of You is Consuming Me.

Next up is the next chapter of Nine Lives. I’ll be working on that. When last we saw the boys, Jim had punched Stonn.

Then probably my Pinto story, Orchestral Maneuvers.

I’m hoping to get started on my September flashes soon too.

This coming weekend is my mother’s 93rd birthday. We are doing a barbecue on Sunday and going out to a restaurant on Monday. Saturday, we are helping M’s cousin move. Ugh. So that’s a full weekend for sure.

Tonight we are going to see the super ridiculous looking, Stuber. Not my choice. But yeah.

And that’s about it!