Cadet Kirk impresses Professor Spock

“You wanted to see me, Professor?”

Spock looked up from his laptop into the startling blue eyes of Cadet James Kirk.  “Yes, Cadet. Thank you for being punctual.”

Kirk nodded.

“The hypothesis you turned in.”

The cadet frowned. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Not a thing,” Spock said honestly. “I was unexpectedly impressed.”

Kirk blinked. “Sir?”

“Your intelligence is remarkable. I found myself fascinated by your findings. I could find nothing at all to suggest they weren’t exacting and frankly, spot on.”

The hint of a smile played at Kirk’s mouth. “Thank you, Professor.”

“I assure you the praise is warranted.” He paused. “I was surprised.”

“Surprised,” Kirk repeated. “Uh. Why?”

Spock thought about it. “It’s been my experience that someone with your extraordinary looks is seldom matched by an extraordinary mind.”

The slow blink happened again and this time the hint of smile broadened to a full one. “Did you just say I had extraordinary looks?”

Spock felt his face flush. “Well…”

“You did. Wow.”

He cleared his throat. “Anyway, I just wished to advise you that I haven’t ever seen such a well-thought out hypothesis since I began teaching here.”

“Thank you again, Professor.”


Kirk began to turn away, then he turned back. “It’s a shame I’m your student.”

“How so?”

Kirk shrugged and took a step forward. “I’d ask you out otherwise.”

“Indeed, that is not possible as you are, in fact, my student.”

The hinted smiled was back. “But only until the end of the semester, which is, by my calculations, over in twelve days.”

Spock found his gaze straying to the calendar, though he certainly knew the date and how many days were left before the summer break.

“True. However, I will be returning to Vulcan for the duration of the break.”

“Oh.” Kirk nodded, smile slipping. “That’s too bad. Okay. See you.” He turned away again.

Spock knew he should keep his mouth shut, but instead he called out, “Cadet?”

He turned back.

“You will not be my student when I return here after the break.”

Now the smile was a grin. “That’s right. Yes. Yes. Okay then. Good to know.” He saluted then, oddly, but then Kirk was unusual.

It was on the tip of his tongue to mention that he knew Kirk was scheduled to take the Kobayashi Maru for the third time tomorrow, but of course, Kirk knew that himself, and Spock saw no real reason to continue the conversation, therefore, this time, he let Kirk leave.