In case you missed it, I have officially announced on AO3 that I am also the author “Jesse4Love” on there. At the time I created the account, I will confess here, I used it to kudo my own fics, because I didn’t think I was getting enough love at the time. Subsequently, I decided to use the account to write stories I might not write on there as IvanW, but since then, I have decided to continue a story I had abandoned some months back.

Here are the links

Finished story: Life as We Know It.

In progress story, Our So Called Life. Jim and Spock meet as children. Eveningstar, as she will no doubt discover, read it when it was listed as my incognito name.

The other is, that despite my wishiwashness, I am going to continue the blog, at least for now, beyond September 1. So you can expect flashes for 09/06, 09/13, 09/20. and 09/27 for that month. I am going to attempt to write fics for songs. Meaning the flash will somehow fit with a song. I already have one in mind, but if you want to suggest something, I am open to hearing.

And I think that’s everything. Expect a flash tomorrow, of course.