Had a fairly quiet weekend at home with M. We did have someone come over on Sunday though but with the time change and it being dark as hell by 5:30, she thankfully left at a decent time.

Didn’t get much done writing-wise. I did post a short flash as you know. I am determined this week to update Cadet Ashayam, just don’t know when. I did get two more Holiday flashes done and am half way through another and those are just taking precedence right now, but I will get to Cadet Ashayam.

This week is supposed to be warm and dry, though thankfully, I think, anyway, wind-free. It cools off at night at least.

We’ve already begun to plan for Thanksgiving even though it’s at the end of the month. It’s at our house. We’ll have about seven of us again this year. That means decorating! HA. Those are leaves and pumpkin lights though you can’t really tell.

Anyway, later this month I will indulge in my two Thanksgiving-related movies.

Of course, I have other writing to finish as well, including the AOSJim/Prime Holiday story. Not sure what I will title it yet, but if anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear. Here’s the plot:

After his revival, Jim finds himself mostly alone in the hospital. The crew has been given leave, and with it being holiday time, they’ve all dispersed since Jim will make a full recovery. Into this come Spock Prime. He reveals that he knew of Jim’s “death” due to their T’hy’la bond. When Bones wants to go to Georgia for the holidays to see his daughter, Prime volunteers to watch over Jim during his absence, and Jim moves into an apartment with Prime. Jim begins to add bits of the holidays into their lives and an indulgent Prime allows it and eventually succumbs to the adorable charms of the season and his young T’hy’la.

Title ideas? I’d like something merry/holiday sounding.

Hope everyone has a great week.