Hello my friends

Here are some flowers for you from our work campus

And here is the cheesecake we bought for last night from the store.

Cute right? The worst tasting cheesecake I’ve ever had. Worst. I love cheesecake. This was not it. I even had to check to make sure it wasn’t vegan. It was not. M thought it tasted like meat. Just awful.

Today my friend is throwing a February Friendsgiving. Turkey is on the menu as well as M’s tiramisu. Also wine. Naturally that.

The good news is I have finished all my flashes and scheduled them through April now. Including a birthday flash for Kris.

So now I can thoroughly immerse myself in the T’hy’la Bang story. Wish I could use the title here but I guess I’m not allowed to reveal any details or whatever. My first check-in is the end of this month and it says something about an “outline”. I do not outline. Ever. Nope. Won’t be this time either. So, yeah, we’ll see how THAT goes.

We are officially back in a drought as we have had a pretty dry winter. I knew it was coming. So that’s about it for now.

Talk soon!