I am not among those who have today off, alas.

Well, this has been a challenging week, to say the least.

M accidentally paid the mortgage twice. We moved into this place in like 2006 or something and in that time we have had like 5 mortgage companies, the latest being “Shellpoint”. Yeah, I hadn’t heard of them either before they took over for Green Tree, which went bankrupt.

Anyway, they had the button for February and March right next to each other and he hit both. Tried to cancel it immediately and can’t online. Called them immediately and they were already closed. Got up before light to call them the next morning, claimed they’d try to cancel it, nope they didn’t. The bank cleared it, I have no idea how because we did not have two mortgage payments in the bank. We were negative a LOT of money. Tried calling the mortgage company and they said there was nothing they would do. Too bad so sad. But at least you don’t have to pay until April.

We had to borrow the money from my sister. We were fortunate she had it to lend. But damn what a nightmare.

Oh and the Macy’s American Express people came back and said they had resolved all of my fraudulent charges and my account is now cleared. Which it isn’t. Because I received a $200 coat I did not order after they sent me this correspondence. Yep. So that is still ongoing too.

I know many of you out there are also struggling with some issues, financial or otherwise, and I offer you virtual hugs. It’s not easy.

In other news, I have discovered there is no doubt about it. I am more popular as an AOS writer than a TOS writer. I am okay with that but I have proof with my two Valentine’s stories I posted. The AOS one was way more popular.

Wednesday’s flash is a bit of a continuation from late last year. I don’t have anything else written on this particular couple after this though so it remains to be seen if we see more of them.

I officially start the Bang story this week. I have already written about 400 words but I’m counting it starting right now.

Tonight I am going to dinner at the cousin’s house for spaghetti.

And that’s about it. Have a great week, if you can.