The ice plant in the neighborhood is in full bloom.

So I haven’t made any progress on the Bang Story other than the initial 1,000 words I have written. Not sure how I feel about that. TCIGTY is the acronym for the story. I think I can reveal THAT much. This Saturday is our first check-in and half of me is thinking of pulling out (no pun intended). I’m a little unmotivated.

In other news I did get updates done on a few stories and wrote a quick song related story, so all was not lost.

This week, on Wednesday, I think, I am meeting friends for happy hour. Meh. Not really in the mood. Leap Day I am going to a charity event with my sister at the local Elk’s Lodge. Also my Leap Story, Four Years Later, will be posted.

Got flashes on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesdays involves the mysterious time-traveling Spock. Fridays is a fluff piece involving TOS OMS. Something to look forward to.

In the meantime, writing-wise. I will see what I can get done this week on that Bang Story so I can make my decision.

Work is still crazy busy (nope we have not even posted the job for the third person yet).

Last week of February is upon us. Next Sunday is March. Things are looking up!