This one may have you out with pitchforks! LOL

Spock stood to the side, well away from his captain who was leaning in close to speak with Lieutenant Carol Marcus. He was not part of the conversation, and though he could have likely heard if he strained to do so, Spock chose not to eavesdrop.

Marcus appeared to be upset, though she was not crying. After a moment, she shook her head, briefly put her hand on the captain’s arm, then turned and fled in the opposite direction.

Spock had been surprised to see her. She had abruptly aborted her intention to be on the Enterprise after just a few short weeks. There had been rumors, plenty of them, that she had engaged in an ill-fated romance with Captain Kirk. Spock paid little heed to rumors, whether they were true or false.

He hadn’t expected to see her again, so had been surprised when she appeared on Yorktown during their leave to repair, rebuild more accurately, the Enterprise. He was aware that she had monopolized much of their captain’s time since then.

“Uh oh. That didn’t look good.”

He glanced at Nyota who stood next to him.

“You should go see if he’s okay.”

“He appears to be fine, Nyota.”

She sighed. “Spock, that looked intense. Has he told you? Was she intending to get back together with him?”

Spock bristled at this. “He has not said so. It would be illogical for her to believe that she can…”

“Spock. Go and talk to him.”

“But you and I were on our way for tea.”

She rolled her eyes. “With him. Before she stopped him. I can still meet you guys there.” She squeezed his arm. “It’s your duty.”

“As first officer?”

“No. His boyfriend.” She pushed him toward the captain, who still stood there, stiffly, his back to them.

Spock exhaled and approached. “Captain, are you well?”

Jim looked at him, eyes so tumultuous they looked nearly black in his face. “We have a son.”