Jim slammed on the brakes of the car he was using to speed down the road away from the farmhouse, away from his life there. He really had no idea where he was going, other than away from Frank, away from the dickhead who’d made Sam leave.

The farmhouse had been theirs, his mom’s and dad’s, not that asshole, yet his words still rang in Jim’s ears as he had continued to drive.

“You live in my house.”

Bullshit, it wasn’t Frank’s house. Or it hadn’t used to be. But his mother was off planet again and Frank was back and in charge.

He’d sped right past Sam as he’d hitchhiked away. Sam looked shocked and Jim hadn’t blamed him.

Then the cop had pulled his vehicle right in front of Jim as he was about to head down a dirt  path that led to the cliff and the crater.

Now smoke was coming from his brakes and tires. Jim winced as the cop approached him.


Jim opened his mouth to say his name when the cop reached up and removed his helmet to reveal a Vulcan.

His Vulcan.

Well…the mysterious one he had seen twice before.

“Uh. Hey.”

“Jim. What are you doing?”

He scowled now. “Driving this old car. And that…you said he was gone. Frank. But you lied.”

“It was not intended to be a lie,” the Vulcan said. “He had been taken to jail. I didn’t know that he would reunite with your mother.”

Jim felt his bottom lip tremble, so he looked away. “He talks a good game when he wants to. He charmed her into thinking he’d changed.”

“I see. Jim, you must turn this car around and go back.”

“What? Why? I don’t want to go back.”’

“Driving your stepfather’s car over a cliff is not the answer.”

He looked at the Vulcan. “Well I…”

“Jim. I will take care of Frank.”

“You-you said that before. And he came back. He hurt me again.”

“I know. But never ever again.”

“And I’m just supposed to listen to you. I don’t even know your name. Who are you?”

“I cannot say. But I am from the…future.”

“The future?”

“Yes. Your future. Turn around, Jim, and go back. Please.”

Jim slammed his hand down on the steering wheel. “Fine.”

He turned the car around and drove back to the farmhouse. To his surprise, Sam had returned. He stood in the yard with his backpack.

Jim stopped the car and got out, looking at Sam in question. “Where’s Frank?”

Sam shook his head. “I don’t know. He’s not here.”

Jim bit his lip. “How come you’re back?”

Sam shrugged. “There was this Vulcan…”