As you know I have an ongoing fraud claim with Macy’s American Express. And when I say ongoing, I discovered fraudulent charges way back at the beginning of November. I called them to report it right away, as I am supposed to do.

Since then, I have multiple fraudulent charges on the same account even though they canceled that first card and sent me another. That I did not activate. Didn’t matter. The thief knew how it worked apparently and managed to use it anyway. They closed that one. I didn’t activate that one either. More charges. I received a $200 coat I did not order. I could go into further details but I think you know enough to understand my dismay and frustration with Macy’s and the thief they have allowed to continually victimize me.

In desperation, I stopped didn’t pay my statement in January and didn’t pay it on time in February, because I figured, maybe this would be the only thing that would stop the thief. If Macy’s actually told the fraudster, nope, sorry, but you are past due. I had asked for my account to be closed, mind you, but give everything I have gone through I knew not to trust them.

Since I had filed more fraud reports, I decided to finally send them a $200 check. But before they could even receive that, there’s more.

I am sitting at my desk at work on Tuesday morning and I get an alert from my bank, Chase, advising I am overdrawn almost $300. Needless to say my jaw dropped. I looked at my account. Macy’s took a $1000 payment from my account. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Which I did not have nor had I authorized, obviously.

Called Chase and disputed it. They filed a claim and would give me back the money while they investigated it. They recommended I close that checking account and open a new one at my earliest opportunity.

Called Macy’s from work. They wouldn’t talk to me from my mobile phone so Tuesday night I called from home and told them they had stolen from me. The customer rep, Cataleen, said she was marking it as a fraudulent payment and would send me an email confirmation. I never got that email, by the way. I cannot trust them. I am now forced to take a half day on Friday to call them again (their hours are all Eastern and their fraud department closes before I get home, conveniently) and make sure they give me back my $1000. We figure what happened is the thief tried to charge something yet again and was told the account was in arrears. They must have than authorized this $1000 payment over the telephone from my account (which Macy’s American Express had my account information).

As you can imagine I am beside myself over this. Distracted from writing? You bet.

Tuesday night I went into the bank, put a freeze on the old account (I am not able to close it yet) and opened a new one. Thankfully they did give me back the $1000 but that is a temporary credit until their investigation is done, so I am still left fighting with Macy’s. Cataleen had the nerve to ask me if I wanted a new card sent to me. I said no I want it CLOSED. CLOSED. She claims it is. But now I will confirm when I deal with all of this on Friday.

Filed a complaint with the FTC. Froze my credit. Reported a Fraud Alert on my credit.

If you have a Macy’s credit card of any time I would hasten to close it. They are thieves and have no clue how to prevent fraud. None. M thinks it’s an inside job at Macy’s. Could be.

So the saga continues. And continues. And continues.

February sucks again.

I regret now filling out the first check-in for the Bang because it’s well…distracting. I will try to get through it. Trying.