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Flash Fic, May 25, 2022

Jim didn’t really know what any of that meant, but it was plain enough that the two Vulcans, Sarek and T’Pau, were none too pleased. Still, it was Spock who drew him away from those two and his mother to speak privately.

“I apologize for them putting you through that. I know your thoughts are on your father and other matters.”

“What does it even mean?”

“In essence our bond is unbreakable as far as they are concerned. If we had bonded under ordinary circumstances, simply because we fell in love and sought to be connected in that way, as happened between my own parents, they would have made an attempt to convince us to have our bond severed so that you could return to your Earth’s time and I could remain here.”

Jim nodded. “This is about it being difficult for you to be separated from me because of that bond, right?”

“In a word…yes. Bonded couples do part,” Spock clarified. “Even without severing their bond, there are those that live apart permanently. It can be done. It is simply not preferable as your mind is always bereft of that bond. That is why when couples choose not to be together, as a divorce would be in your time, it is better to sever that connection.”

“Spock, Jim.”

They both turned as Sybok and McCoy approached them.

“Jim,” Sybok spoke up. “I have altered my systems and calculations to allow us to beam your father directly up from his hospital room in his time to our facility here for Leonard to treat him.”

“Really? That’s great!”

Sybok looked to Spock. “It is not without risk, I should caution.”

“What risk?” Jim asked.

“It’s possible, slight but not nothing, that your father would perish in the attempt to bring him here or when we send him back. It is also possible that bringing him here could potentially damage the machinery I developed that rescued Spock from your time and location and I could send none of you back. That would mean both you and your father would stay here and you would simply disappear from Earth in your time.” Sybok shook his head. “This is new technology still in development by me and a few assistants. We were lucky to be able to bring Spock here when we did, along with you. I’ve finagled certain parts, but as I said, there is risk.”

Jim pursed his lips. “And yet if we don’t take that risk my dad’s going to die anyway.” He shook his head. “Do it.”

“Are you certain, Jim?” Spock asked. “You and your father could be parted from your mother and brother for what remains of all your lives.”

“Or Sybok could fix his machine to make it work again.” Jim shrugged. “I have to take that risk. Spock, I don’t know why, but it’s really important to me that my dad lives. I love him. He’s my dad. But I don’t know…I almost feel like there’s a time when I didn’t get to have him with me and I don’t…please?”

“Very well.” Spock turned to Sybok. “We are ready.”

“Come this way.”

Spock and Jim followed after Sybok and McCoy, who led them to a very high-tech hospital room.

“We’ll wait here,” McCoy told them. “If all goes well, your father will appear here directly in this bed.”

“And then?”

“After I repair the damage done to his heart, we’ll make the attempt to send him back to his bed in his time. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if everything works the way it’s supposed to.”

“And then Jim Kirk should be returned with his father,” Sarek said from the doorway.


“What is your problem?” Jim demanded as he turned on Sarek. “You know what? You aren’t helping. So if all you can do is be a negative nellie than please get out of here.”

Sarek looked startled. “Negative Nellie?”

Jim turned his back on him.

Sybok’s lips twitched as he brushed past his father to leave the hospital room.

Jim moved closer to Spock, who to Jim’s surprised delight, put his arm around Jim to draw him close.

He didn’t know how long he held his breath, but his very pale father suddenly appeared from thin air onto the hospital bed before him. If Spock hadn’t been holding onto him Jim might have collapsed.

And he was weeping in relief.

McCoy smiled gently at him. “Let me get started.”

Flash Fic, May 18, 2022

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Spock heard someone approaching the bedroom door just before a light tap on it.
“Jim,” he whispered, shaking the Human awake. “I believe your brother is here.”
Jim rubbed his eyes and sat up. After a moment, he rose and went to the door, opening it.
“An ambulance is on its way to take Dad to the hospital,” Sam explained, grimly. “You’d better get dressed. It’s pretty bad.”
Jim nodded and turned to get dressed. His own heart hurt in his chest, but he knew it was bound to be nothing compared to how his dad must feel.
He wasn’t ready to lose his dad. But would he ever be?

Jim stood by his dad’s hospital bed, looking at his pale, unconscious dad. They were talking putting him on a transplant list, but that was if he made it over the next few hours, and then days. He knew how those transplant lists worked. People were on them for years and never got squat.
Before coming into the room, he’d made a call to Nyota.
“Listen, because of my dad’s condition, I’m taking a leave of absence from the University. Not sure for how long.”
“I’m so sorry, Jim. How’s he doing?”
Tears pricked his eyes, but he wiped them impatiently away. “Not good. Think you can cover some of my classes?”
“Physics isn’t my forte. I’ll ask Monty.”
He smiled faintly. “Monty is it?”
“Well. I’ve made some progress.”
“Good. Listen, can you feed my fish? You still have a key, right?”
“I do. I thought those fish died.”
“I got new.”
“Okay, Jim. I will. What about your neighbor?”
“Spock’s with me now.”
“I’m not the only one whose made progress.”
“Yeah. I have to go, Ny. I’ll call you later. And thanks.”
And now here he was. They said people in comas or unconscious or whatever could hear you, but Jim wasn’t sure.
He reached for his dad’s hand but recoiled a bit when it felt cold.
“I met a Vulcan, Dad. He’s not from here. From Earth.”
And very soon, Jim found himself telling his father everything. He had no idea if his father heard him, would remember, or understand. But it felt good to tell someone.
Just as he finished, he felt Spock’s arms come around him, and pull his back into Spock’s front. He wrapped big strong arms around him, and Jim closed his eyes.
“Spock, I love—”
Suddenly there was a loud piercing shriek and Jim felt like he was on fire, it burned so much. He heard Spock gasp behind him.
His father’s hospital room and his father himself faded away and Jim was looking at an older man with pointed ears.

Flash Fic, May 11, 2022

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Jim woke in the morning to Spock carefully studying him.

It seemed that Spock had been up for a while as he was dressed,  and the drapes were pulled from the hotel’s sliding glass doors to reveal morning in Bodega Bay. Predictably misty and foggy as usual.

Jim felt a little groggy still, so he accepted the cup of coffee Spock handed him gratefully.


“Good morning, Jim.”

Spock was staring at him much more intently than he normally did, so Jim knew something was up. And then there was the really strange clarity he suddenly felt.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“We need to talk. There are…something has occurred which you need to be aware of.”

Jim took a sip or two more of coffee, and let his gaze stray out the window. “I really have to pee,” he said suddenly. He set the coffee down, got up, and did his business in the bathroom.

Afterward he stared at his reflection. He looked pretty much the same and yet…


He steadied himself for a moment by grasping the edge of the sink. He heard Spock speak with his ears and also…

Jim opened he bathroom door and looked out at Spock.

“Are we…are we still melded?”

“Not exactly.” Spock took his hand and led him over to the table and chairs where they’d sat last night. He brought Jim his coffee. “I advised you last night that we are touch telepaths.”


“Vulcan also have telepathic bonds with each other. Familial bonds for example between a child and his parents. And many Vulcans are bonded as children to eventually marry their bondmate and live their lives as a bonded pair.”

Jim frowned. “Were you bonded as a child?”

“Negative. Vulcan children generally are, but in fact I am half Human and half Vulcan.”

“Yeah? I didn’t know that.”

Spock nodded. “My mother is Human. Given the unknowns with regard to my future, it was decided I would not be thus bonded. My mother argued for me to be allowed the bond of my choosing and in this, quite unusually, she was successful. Because of this, I simply never realized.”

Jim took another swallow of coffee. “Realized?”

“That I had a T’hy’la bond that awaited me. It is difficult to explain in your vernacular, but it is somewhat close to a fated soulmate.” He paused. “Last night when we melded while making love, we…consummated that bond and it fully formed between us.”

Jim stared at him. “Wait. Are you-are you saying I’m your fated soulmate?”

“Yes, we formed a telepathic bond last night. In simple terms, we are married.”

Flash Fic, May 04, 2022

Another night of incredible passion, and then Spock had to say goodnight once more to Jim and go their separate ways to their own apartments. Well, Jim had.

After dinner they had returned to Spock’s apartment and headed straight for Spock’s bedroom. Jim was a very giving and gifted lover. Lying beside him after, Spock was spent in more ways than one, but Jim had risen up, got dressed and departed once more for his own place.

Spock wanted to stop him and ask him to stay. Tomorrow was Saturday and neither one of them would be required to go to work. But fear held him back and yes he could admit it.

Part of him feared he would do something that would make Jim realize he was not from modern Earth. A relatively simple thing like accidentally cutting himself with a knife while chopping onions could reveal his green blood.

Spock did not know yet if he wished to tell Jim where and when he was from. Jim was a scientist and would likely understand more than many other Humans, but that wasn’t a given. If Jim freaked out, that could well be a disaster for him there on Earth besides just being a disaster for their relationship.

Even if Spock told Jim and he accepted everything Spock revealed, Jim might not be into sleeping with an outer spaceman. Spock selfishly wanted to hold onto a physical relationship with Jim as long as he possibly could.

And if Jim believed him and still wanted to have sex, the plain facts of their eventual probable separation still existed. Spock didn’t want everything to end at all let alone prematurely.

He had feelings for Jim. Affectionate feelings and he was wise enough to know he had fallen in love and he was pretty sure Jim returned his feelings.

Which left everything else such a conundrum.

And so, when Jim got up and left Spock’s bed, and Jim told him not to get up, he could continue to lie there in bed, Spock did, and just listened to the sound of Jim leaving.

Contemplated what it would really be to leave Jim. And did not like that thought at all.  

Flash Fic, April 27, 2022

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“Mm. This is really good.” Jim took a long, savoring sip of the coffee Spock had brewed. He looked at the beans Spock had purchased, that he’d clearly ground himself for Jim’s pleasure. “Good choice for the coffee too.”

“I am pleased you approve.” Spock was at the stove, finishing up their previously neglected dinner.

Jim felt amazing. Better than he had in a long time. Apparently as the saying went, he needed to get laid. And wow was he ever. He had to reign it in just a bit not to get too enthusiastic to scare Spock off. But yeah, maybe, he was a little bit in love. Or had a big time crush, whatever.

“I approve of everything, believe me.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “If you would like to sit at the dining table, I am almost ready to bring over dinner.”

“Sure thing.”

Jim went and sat, waiting for Spock.

Eventually Spock brought over two plates of steaming hot rigatoni pasta with marinara sauce. It smelled great and Jim realized he really was starving. Spock had made garlic bread too.

“Good thing I kissed you before this,” Jim joked after biting into one of those thick slices of garlic bread called Texas Toast.

For a few minutes they ate in silence, but it didn’t feel awkward to Jim. There was a comfortableness to it he hadn’t felt with anyone in a long time.

“I’m glad we were on the same page,” he heard himself say after a while.


“Yeah. You know. Our interest in each other. I didn’t want to get it wrong.”

Spock nodded. “You did not get it wrong.”

Jim smiled.


Jim’s smile slipped.

“I was reluctant to become involved in any sort of relationship with you,” Spock said.

“Oh. Uh. Something I did or said?” Jim could only imagine considering the whole thing with the ears.

“Negative. The truth is…I am in San Francisco only temporarily. I will be leaving soon.”

Flash Fic, April 20, 2022

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“What the heck is that?” Jim asked Nyota as she unwrapped her lunch in front of him.

They were sitting on a park bench in the park directly next to the university where they both taught. While Jim was all physics, Nyota taught linguistics.

“It’s a veggie wrap, Einstein. The wrap itself is made from spinach so it’s gluten-free.”

“That doesn’t look like real mayo.”

“It’s a vegan alternative. And before you ask, no of course there’s no cheese.”

Jim wrinkled his nose. He opened his paper bag. He’d picked up McDonald’s on the way to the park. It was literally right next door. He’d gotten two cheeseburgers and a small fries. After all he didn’t want to overdo it.

“How’s the visit go with your folks?”

“Good. My dad’s on the mend. It was good to see them, but man traffic was a bitch.”

She eyed him as he took a big bite of his cheeseburger. “Smaller bites or you’ll choke.”

“Mm.” Jim chewed and swallowed. Took a sip from his coke. “You ask Scotty out yet?”

“No. I mean I want to, but…” She shrugged. “I guess I’m old-fashioned and I want him to pursue me.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Let me know how that works out.”

“How about you and that weird neighbor?”

“I was making some sort of progress, but I screwed it up and now it’s a no go.”

“How so?”

“Remember his cosplay ears?”

Nyota nodded, biting delicately into her wrap. “Sure. Legolas or whatever, right?”

Jim sighed and shook his head. Took another fortifying bite, slightly smaller since she was giving him her judgmental eye, and then chewed and swallowed. “It’s not.”

“Not what?”

“For cosplay. I guess it’s like a birth defect or something. I mean, he said he was born with the pointy ears. Anyway, I, um, I asked if he spoke Elvish.”


“Some of them do. You know they get into all that. Absolutely the wrong thing to ask him as he got obviously offended and told me he was born with his ears and it wasn’t cosplay. The rest of the evening was pretty strained. We were supposed to maybe have dinner together tonight, but he mentioned not a word of it. So…”

“Hmm. Might be for the best.”

“How so?”

“As it happens.” She paused to smile. “I have the perfect girl for you to go out with. She’s free Friday night and you could take her to see the latest Marvel movie. She loves them.”

Jim groaned. “Marvel? Man, those are so stupid. All those stupidly bulked up actors.” He popped a fry into his mouth. “What’s her name?”


He gave her the side-eye. “Like cotton candy?”

Nyota laughed. “No. Well, her name’s Candace, but everyone calls her Candy. Since she was a little girl. Anyway, she loves wine.”


“So? Your family has a vineyard.”

“My dad and brother do, yes. But I sure as hell don’t.”

“I’ve told her all about you and I showed her your picture from my phone and she thinks you’re hot.”

“Which picture?”

“The one from last year’s Halloween.”

Jim sighed and sucked down more coke. “Does she know I’m bi?”

Nyota rolled her eyes. “It’s not like that’s the first thing I say about you, so no. But why should it matter?”

He shrugged. “It does to some. They don’t like thinking of me sleeping with guys.”

“I don’t think she’s like that.” Nyota took out her phone and swiped her finger across the screen. She then handed it to him. On her screen was a picture of a long-legged model type brunette.

“She is pretty,” Jim admitted.

“Then you’ll go?”

Something was making Jim hesitate and he just wasn’t sure what it was.

“I’ll think about it and let you know tomorrow.”

Nyota sighed, but returned her phone to her purse. “Fine. But if you don’t go out with her, someone else definitely will. You aren’t my only hot friend.”

“Yeah, yeah. You surround yourself with hotness.”

She sniffed. “Just let me know as soon as you can.”

“Will do.”

Flash Fic, April 13, 2022

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Jim had to admit he hated seeing his big strong dad sitting in a recliner chair with a blanket draped over his shoulders and he felt the need to punch Sam in the nose for his earlier assurance their dad was okay. It brought home for Jim that his parents weren’t going to live forever. No one did, of course. But…

“There’s my baby!” His mom rushed at him, pulling him into a very tight and long hug.

“Don’t maul the boy, Win,” his dad grumbled.

“I’m not a baby or a boy,” Jim protested as his mother dragged him forward.

“Sit down on the couch there across from Dad. What can we get you? Are you hungry? Do you want a sandwich? I have fish in the freezer. Or maybe you’d rather have steak?”

Jim laughed. “Mom. I’m good.”

“You left right after work though right? You didn’t eat? You didn’t eat one of those awful, greasy fast food burgers while you were driving, did you?”

“Mother, leave him alone.” But Sam was grinning.

“Well.” She sniffed. “He’s probably hungry.”

“In a bit, Mom. I want to see how you and Dad are.”

“Fine, fine. You didn’t have to come all this way,” Dad said. “But since you did, how about a game of chess later?”

“You’re supposed to rest.”

“Chess isn’t going to wear him out, Mom.”

She stuck her tongue out at Jim’s brother.

“Jim almost brought someone with him.”

Jim almost did kick him then. “Shut up. Why did I tell you?”

“Because you tell your brother shit like that.”

Mom looked at Jim doubtfully. “You met someone, Jim?”

“Why do you all react like that?”

His father chuckled and patted Jim’s leg. “Because you’re bookish.”

“I am not bookish. I’ve had plenty of dates and things. They’ve all just not worked out.”

“Who are you sweet on?” his dad asked.

Jim groaned. “I’m not sweet on anyone. I just…I like my neighbor. I only just met him which is why I didn’t bring him.”

“If he’s like that Gary person, no thank you.” His mom shuddered. “He gave me the creeps.”

“He’s nothing like Gary.”

“What about Ruth? She was snooty,” Sam pointed out.

“I still say she stole my bracelet.”

Jim buried his face in his hands. “He’s not a snooty thief either.”

Dad laughed outright. “What’s loverboy’s name?”

Jim stood. “You know what, Mom? I am hungry. Starving in fact.”

“Okay, okay.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the kitchen. “You do look too skinny.”

Jim loved them. He did. But man was he glad he hadn’t brought Spock.  

Flash Fic, April 06, 2022

Jim was greeted by one of the owners, Ben Sulu, the minute he stepped through the doors of Sulu’s Asian Bistro.
“Hi Jim,” Ben called out from beside the cash register. “You just missed Hikaru. He went to pick up our daughter from school.”
Jim had been casual friends with the Sulus since they’d first opened the restaurant on the corner near his apartment building. He’d dined there many times, though, admittedly not recently. One of his last lovers was fond of the place and though Jim didn’t completely associate the Asian fusion place with that particular idiot, there was a small part of him that had been mostly avoiding the place.
He approached the register and grabbed one of the paper to go menus to take a look.
“Been a while since you’ve been in,” Ben remarked.
“Yeah.” Jim grinned sheepishly. “You know, uh, Allie liked this place, and well.”
Ben nodded. “Glad to see you.”
“You got a guy named Spock working for you?”
“You missed him too. Gave his notice yesterday. He was looking to get hired at the Science Institute. Guess he did.” Ben eyed Jim. “Friend of yours?”
“My neighbor. Fairly new.” Jim leaned on the counter. “Wondered what your impression of him was.”
“Good worker. Kept to himself. Had an odd thing where he always insisted on wearing a headband.”
Jim nodded. “He has pointy ears.”
“Does he?”
“Yeah, into that kind of thing, I guess.”
Ben shrugged. “All I know is he was a hard worker, very polite, and this was a temporary job for him. Is he a problem neighbor?”
“Oh, no. Nothing like that.” Jim smiled. “I, you know, kind of like him.”
“Oh.” Ben smiled. “Gotcha. I wish I could offer more intel on him then, but I don’t know much. He was here for only a very short time.”
Jim returned his smile and then glanced at the menu. “I’ll have the chicken rice bowl to go, please.”
Ben rang up the purchase. “Thirteen dollars and nine cents.”
Jim handed him his debit card.
A few minutes later, Ben was handing him a to go back with his rice bowl in it and Jim left the restaurant.
He was glad Spock got his job. But he’d been hoping to see him as he hadn’t run into him in the hallway of their building lately.
Jim wasn’t quite sure if he should impose on Spock again like he had the night he’d brought home a pizza.
But on the other hand, in a couple of days he was leaving to see his family in Napa. Jim just didn’t know what to do.
Which meant of course, he did nothing.
No sign of his neighbor in the hallway and no sounds coming from the apartment, so Jim went to his, chicken rice bowl in hand, and spent another night alone, wondering.

Flash Fic, March 30, 2022

Jim found her in Sam’s childhood room, looking over all the framed work he had on the walls. It hadn’t been removed even after Sam had left the Kirk farmhouse for, at the time, parts unknown.

She had stopped in front of a framed quote Sam had up there. Jim was well familiar with it.

“What though the radiance which was once so bright

Be now for ever taken from my sight,

Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;

We will grieve not, rather find

Strength in what remains behind;

In the primal sympathy

Which having been must ever be;

In the soothing thoughts that spring

Out of human suffering;

In the faith that looks through death,

In years that bring the philosophic mind.”

She turned to him then, smiling, her arms opened to receive his embrace. “I knew you’d come.”

“Of course I came,” he whispered, as she hugged him so hard it nearly hurt. She had strength, Winona Kirk.

“That was his favorite, that quote.”

“I know.”

She still held him. “You came alone?”

“Uh-huh. Took the shuttle out of San Francisco this morning. Spock had a meeting.”

She finally loosened her grip, but only to lean back to look at him. He’d worn his dress uniform here, not bothering to change, and he felt stiff and hot and uncomfortable in it.

“You look far too tired. Did you sleep at all?”

Jim shook his head. “Not much.”

His mother sighed and moved out of his arms to stretch her arms out indicating Sam’s old room.

“It’s stupid, you know. I feel closer to him here though he hasn’t been here in years.”

“Well, if it helps, who cares the reason?”

She smiled then, strained though it was, and she took his hand. “I don’t understand how this could have happened.”

“Deneva became inhabited by—”

She shushed him. “I know all the official details.  I want to know why once more I have to grieve for a member of my family. Why do I keep losing people I love?” She bit her lip. ”It’s not fair.”

Life wasn’t fair. Anybody who’d done any kind of living knew that. But his mom didn’t need to hear that nor would she want to.

“I’m sorry.”

“He was my son and I have to outlive him. He was a scientist! Not dangerous at all.” She closed her eyes. “Not like you and you had to go and die too.”


“Don’t tell me again it was a mistake to tell me about that. The mistake was you dying. The mistake was letting you join Starfleet.”

Jim didn’t remind her he was an adult when he enlisted.

She turned her back on him to get herself under control.

When she turned back around her eyes no longer overflowed tears, but wetness stained her cheeks.

“How long can you stay?”

“A few days.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the room and down the stairs. “I’ll make us some coffee.”

“Okay. Let me go get out of this uniform, okay?”

“All right. But just change in the bathroom down here. I don’t want to let you out of my sight for too long.”

Jim took his bag into the down stairs bathroom and sent a quick text to Spock.

I’ve arrived. She’s pretty hysterical.

He expected an immediate response, but was surprised when it didn’t come. Spock had to be busy then.

When he emerged a few minutes later dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, she was waiting for him, holding a mug of cream filled coffee.

He took it, smiled, and took a sip. “Haven’t had coffee this good in a long time.”

“Nothing can happen to you.”


“Don’t Mom me. You have to promise.”

“It’s not that easy. Being the captain of a starship, I can’t promise that.”

She seemed to draw into herself. “At least you have Spock there to watch out for you. Right?”


“I think he’ll do his best to keep you out of harm’s way.”

“He will.”

The tears flowed again. “You’re my baby, I can’t lose you too.”

“You won’t,” he whispered.

She put her coffee down and so did Jim as she threw her arms around him once more. He held her tight and let her cry.

“I can’t believe Sam’s gone.”

“I know, I’m so sorry.”

“Promise me, Jim. You have to promise me.”

He closed his eyes. “I promise.”

There was a knock on the door and they both pulled away from the embrace with a frown.

“Probably Mrs. Whatley with another one of her lemon cakes,” his mom said with a sniff.

Jim perked up at that. “Lemon cake?”

He went to the front door and opened it and—

“Oh, my God.”

For Spock stood there, looking about as wonderful as anyone could, and Jim pulled him close, holding him so tight, he might be hurting him.

“You came.”

“Of course I came.” Spock looked behind Jim to Jim’s mom. “I grieve with thee.”

“Come inside, before we all freeze,” she fussed, yanking them both inside the house and pulling both into an embrace of her own. “Thank you. Thank you.”

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