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Flash Fic 02/26/2020

Jim slammed on the brakes of the car he was using to speed down the road away from the farmhouse, away from his life there. He really had no idea where he was going, other than away from Frank, away from the dickhead who’d made Sam leave.

The farmhouse had been theirs, his mom’s and dad’s, not that asshole, yet his words still rang in Jim’s ears as he had continued to drive.

“You live in my house.”

Bullshit, it wasn’t Frank’s house. Or it hadn’t used to be. But his mother was off planet again and Frank was back and in charge.

He’d sped right past Sam as he’d hitchhiked away. Sam looked shocked and Jim hadn’t blamed him.

Then the cop had pulled his vehicle right in front of Jim as he was about to head down a dirt  path that led to the cliff and the crater.

Now smoke was coming from his brakes and tires. Jim winced as the cop approached him.


Jim opened his mouth to say his name when the cop reached up and removed his helmet to reveal a Vulcan.

His Vulcan.

Well…the mysterious one he had seen twice before.

“Uh. Hey.”

“Jim. What are you doing?”

He scowled now. “Driving this old car. And that…you said he was gone. Frank. But you lied.”

“It was not intended to be a lie,” the Vulcan said. “He had been taken to jail. I didn’t know that he would reunite with your mother.”

Jim felt his bottom lip tremble, so he looked away. “He talks a good game when he wants to. He charmed her into thinking he’d changed.”

“I see. Jim, you must turn this car around and go back.”

“What? Why? I don’t want to go back.”’

“Driving your stepfather’s car over a cliff is not the answer.”

He looked at the Vulcan. “Well I…”

“Jim. I will take care of Frank.”

“You-you said that before. And he came back. He hurt me again.”

“I know. But never ever again.”

“And I’m just supposed to listen to you. I don’t even know your name. Who are you?”

“I cannot say. But I am from the…future.”

“The future?”

“Yes. Your future. Turn around, Jim, and go back. Please.”

Jim slammed his hand down on the steering wheel. “Fine.”

He turned the car around and drove back to the farmhouse. To his surprise, Sam had returned. He stood in the yard with his backpack.

Jim stopped the car and got out, looking at Sam in question. “Where’s Frank?”

Sam shook his head. “I don’t know. He’s not here.”

Jim bit his lip. “How come you’re back?”

Sam shrugged. “There was this Vulcan…”   

Sunday Flash, 01/19/2020

Probably a little too young for this story, but you get the idea

The tall mysterious Vulcan who would not give his name had saved Jim from a pummeling by his stepdad. Jim didn’t see what happened to Frank. He was told to go back into the house, so he had.

Then the Vulcan returned but Frank had not.

The Vulcan dropped to his knees and examined Jim. “Jim? Are you hurt? Jim?”

Jim frowned. “You know my name.”

“Yes. Are you hurt?”

He bit his lip, but then that hurt, so he stopped immediately. “My lip hurts.”

“It is bleeding.” The Vulcan produced a dermal regenerator. He ran it over Jim’s lip to heal it. “Where else?”

“My arm.”

The Vulcan’s eyes turned soft, brown, like chocolate. Jim liked chocolate. He fixed Jim’s arm.

“Anywhere else?”

“No. Frank…”

“Will never hurt you again. Are you hungry?”


The Vulcan stood, took Jim’s hand, and drew him into the kitchen. “What would you like to eat, Jim?”

“Macaroni and cheese? Please.”

“Very well. Sit there at the table while I make it.”

Jim moved to do as the Vulcan said. He watched him silently, but then, “I’ve seen you before.”

“Have you?”

Jim nodded. “I think so. When-when I was four, I got really sick and ended up in the hospital. You were there.”

The Vulcan said nothing, just continued to fix Jim food. He’d been in the hospital two years before.

“You came to me there and you put your hand on my face.” Jim’s frown deepened. “I told Mom later that you were there, but she didn’t  believe me. No one did. They thought it was because I’d been delirious. I got better after you were there.”

The Vulcan walked over to the table and handed a plate of macaroni and cheese to Jim. It was heaping with food, but Jim was hungry, and he thought maybe he’d eat all of it. He took it and began to eat it while the Vulcan watched him.

“Are you sure Frank won’t hurt me again?”

“I am positive, Jim. He is out of your life now. You need not worry about ever seeing him.”

“But Mom—”

“She is on her way home to take care of you. She knows about your stepfather.”


“In the meantime, a man named Christopher Pike will be here shortly to watch over you while your mother returns from being off planet.”

“You can’t stay?”

“I cannot, I am needed elsewhere. But you can be certain that I will return whenever you need me.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. This is good. Thank you.”

“You are welcome, Jim. Please eat all of it. And when you are done, I want you to sleep. When you wake up Lieutenant Pike will be here.”

“Oh. Is he in Starfleet?”

“He is. He will take good care of you, Jim. He will not hurt you.”

“And no Frank?”

“I assure you that he is gone. Do not worry.”

When Jim finished eating, Spock took his hand once more and made him go lie on the couch. He put his long elegant fingers on Jim’s face like he did in the hospital.

“Sleep now, Jim.”

“When I wake will you be gone?”

“Yes. But Lieutenant Pike will be here and then your mother. You will not be alone. I promise.”

Jim smiled a little. “And will you tell me your name?”

The Vulcan returned the smile, even more slight then Jim’s. “Someday, Jim. Someday.”

O Christmas Tree

“Tyler Christmas Trees,” Chris read the sign as Zach pulled up in front of the tree lot.

It was a tree farm, really, and outside of Manhattan, of course, because there was hardly room for a farm there. Sure they had lots here and there dotting the streets of New York City, but Zach had wanted to go to the farm.

“I went here a few years back, first year I moved to New York,” Zach explained as he pulled into a parking space. “They have Santa and peppermint mocha in the barn over there.”

Chris smiled. He sounded kind of excited at the prospect. Zach had a sort of infectious excitement. He got out of the car and followed the other man through the gates of the farm.

“Is this the kind of place where you chop down your own tree?”

“Yeah you can do that kind of thing, if you’re into playing Paul Bunyan.”

Chris laughed. “You’re not I guess.”

Zach gave him a look. “I like real trees and all, but I like convenience.”

Chris walked into the barn after him. It was decorated with garlands and glitter and Santa and reindeer. Mrs. Claus too. Children sat on the lap of Santa, ushered there by elves.

“Cute. Did you have real trees growing up?”

“When Dad was alive, yeah, but once he passed Ma got artificial. It was easier for her with two boys to raise by herself. But since I went out on my own, I’ve been getting real. When I get a tree at all. Sometimes I didn’t bother because I was too busy.”

Zach walked up to the counter where a pretty elf stood manning the peppermint mochas. “Two please.” He took out his wallet and paid, handing one to Chris.

The “elf” was staring openly at Chris, giggling as she did.

Zach rolled his eyes as he put his hand on Chris’ arm and led him away. “Bet she’s seen Wonder Woman.”


“Let’s go check out the trees.”

They walked out of the barn and out to the pre-cut trees.

“Flocked or not flocked?”

“Not flocked. I get enough snow without having it in my apartment.”


Zach glanced at him. “What about you? Did you guys do Christmas trees?”

“Yeah, we did. Neither of my parents were particularly religious, though I guess they were as kids. But we kind of paid attention to holidays from a secular point of view.. So, yeah, we had a tree. And they were usually real ones.”

Zach smiled. “Well, thanks for being here to help me pick out my tree. It’s great to have you here in New York right now.”

They went up and down aisle after aisle until finally Zach stopped by a six and a half foot leafy tree.

“This is the one,” he announced. “Let me get someone to help us.”

They ended up scheduling it to be delivered to Zach’s apartment rather than them dealing with it themselves.

After it had been set up, Zach stood back and surveyed the tree.  “What do you think, Pine?”

He put a deliberate stress on Chris’ last name that had him rolling his eyes. “Yeah, it looks great.”

Zach moved close to him and put his hand on Chris’ arm. “Ready to help me decorate?”

“Sure am.” He covered Zach’s hand with his.  Then with his other hand he held up some mistletoe. He leaned over and kissed Zach softly. “Merry Christmas, babe.”

“Speaking of…” Zach murmured against his lips. “Is there anyway…?”

“I can stay in New York for Christmas?”

Zach sighed. “Sorry. I know I shouldn’t ask. Your family…never mind.”

“Zach, I didn’t say no.”

Zach’s gaze rose. “But?”

“But nothing.” Chris grinned. “I can stay.”

“Are you sure?”

Chris’ smile gentled and he kissed Zach again, longer, softer. “I’m sure.” He turned toward the tree. “Got your banjo?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just get it.”

Zach walked away and returned with his banjo, a question in his eyes.

“Do you know ‘O Christmas Tree?”

Zach laughed. “Oddly enough, yeah.” He began to strum it.

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thy Branches.”

I Will Follow You Into the Dark 06/19/2019 Chapter 1

Hello folks. Look for new chapters for this fic on Wednesdays, until it’s conclusion. This is what I would have liked to happen in Star Trek 2009. Please note this was going to be a flash. And now? Nope

Chapter 1

Jim’s heart pounded as he ran to the docking bay where the ships waited. He ran ahead of Bones, straight to where the commander with the list stood. The guy glanced at Jim.

“Cadet Kirk. The Farragut.”

He frowned. “What? There must be some mistake. I should be on the Ent—”

“Nope. No mistake, Kirk. The Farragut. Next—”

Jaw tightening, Jim rushed over to where he saw Spock standing. “Commander—”


He looked around, aware of the crowd of officers and cadets running around them, and lowered his voice. “Spock. Why am I on the Farragut?”

Spock straightened. “I thought, given our personal relationship, it would be best to—”

“But.” Jim took a deep breath. “I want to be on the Enterprise with you. Vulcan’s in trouble. I want to be where you are. I could help. Please.”

“I do not wish to worry about you.”

“You won’t have to. Spock, this is what we all train for. I’m good.”

Spock looked down at his PADD and pressed a few buttons. “Very well, Cadet. You are on the Enterprise.”

He tried to get Spock to look at him, but he wouldn’t. “It’s going to be okay, Spock.”

“Just…be safe. That is how you can best help me right now.”

Jim nodded as Spock hurried off in another direction.

Bones walked up to Jim. “You on the Enterprise now?”

“Yeah. He’s freaked out.”

“Can you blame him, kid? That distress signal.” Bones grabbed his arm. “Come on, kid. Let’s move.”


It seemed like weeks, years maybe, but Jim knew, in reality, it was just days and only a few of those.  He was back on Earth, feeling every bruise, every strained muscle, every punch to a part of his body.  He still felt the Romulan’s fingers tightening around his throat, leaving new bruises over the ones left by Spock. But none of it was close to what Spock felt. Jim knew.

He first checked on Spock’s parents. They were as well in their temporary lodgings on Earth as they could be under the circumstances.  Both exhausted and grieving. In unimaginable pain. Amanda had cried when she’d seen all the damage done to Jim, had begged him to be treated, but he had deflected as he always did. Reminding her that what she’d just been through, her and Sarek, was far worse than a few bumps and bruises to him.

They’d almost lost Spock’s mom, Jim almost had, but he’d been able to grab hold of her at the last moment before she fell to her death. At least Spock had been spared that.

But his planet and all those Vulcans and other species on the planet—


Jim had approached Spock from behind, while he stood at a window at HQ, overlooking the San Francisco Bay. He’d been directed by others to find Spock there. Since returning to San Francisco, Jim had not seen Spock. He was surprised to see Spock still wore his Starfleet uniform, though it was splattered with all kinds of fluids and debris. It was beyond washing, Jim thought, but did not say so. The fact that Spock still wore it, had not cleaned up, was telling, as Spock was meticulous normally. Someone should be taking care of Spock, seeing to all that, but Jim wasn’t even sure if he was the one to be doing that now. He wanted to offer, but…it was still a little raw to get away from the naked murderous fury he’d seen in Spock’s eyes not that long ago as he clearly intended to kill Jim.

Spock stiffened visibly when Jim spoke. “I am not appropriate company at present, Jim.”

He swallowed the lump in his throat that didn’t seem to want to go away.  And it hurt to swallow. It did, but Jim wasn’t going to do anything about it. “Okay. I’ll…I’ll go away in a second. I just…your parents are all right. I have them settled in Starfleet housing for now. Your mom’s resting and your dad is meditating.”

When Spock did not respond, Jim went to turn away, but then stopped.

“Is there…what can I do?” Jim took a step closer, close enough to touch Spock, but not doing so. He’d learned earlier on the ship touching Spock when he was like this was not wise.

“You have already done it. I appreciate that you saw my parents settled. And the…elders.”

But not the one Jim had seen get crushed in the cave when they’d gone to rescue them. Spock’s mom had told Jim that he’d been a teacher of Spock’s that Spock had admired. So many gone, so many taken by Nero. His own loss, that of his father, seemed small compared to everything else. There were worse things than growing up without a father. Jim had learned that all too well.

“You-you’re welcome.” He turned away.



“You have received medical attention for your significant injuries?”

He hadn’t. Bones had bugged him, but Jim had put him off. And now Jim needed to shower, dress, and get to the ceremony where they planned to give him a medal for all this. For what, anyway? Not being able to save Vulcan. But Earth, yeah, they still stood on Earth.

“Yeah,” he lied. Because he didn’t feel like saying he hadn’t seen anyone and in the end, in Spock’s current state, he doubted Spock cared as much as he was supposed to, and for some reason, Jim felt like Spock had asked because it was what you were supposed to do for your significant other. If they still were. Which, well, Jim wasn’t even sure about that.

Pike had told him that Spock was offering his resignation. He intended to help establish a colony to rebuild the Vulcan race and anyway, what could Jim say about that? Spock hadn’t even asked him what he’d thought or even mentioned it. He’d heard it from Pike.

Spock didn’t say anything else so he left him standing looking out at the bay and left to get ready for the ceremony.

On the way to it, cleaned up and once more dressed in his cadet reds, he heard his name called.

“Jim! Jim!”

He stopped and turned, just barely catching his mother as she flew into his arms.

“Thank God!”

And she felt good, holding him this close, and he realized, that after everything, all that he’d been through just now, no one had offered him a hug, not one single person. He hugged her close, tears stinging his eyes.

“Hi Mom.” He choked on the word because he’d been about to become little again and call her Mommy, which for his age would have just been ridiculous. She didn’t seem to notice his little flub and instead held him tighter, he guessed, giving him time to get himself together.

She pulled back after about five minutes, and honestly he wished she hadn’t, but he understood they couldn’t be hugging all day, and she put her hand on his face. “You look terrible. What have they done to you?”

He shook his head. “I’m okay.”

“You saw a doctor?”

Technically, he’d seen Bones a few times after, not for treatment, but still it couldn’t exactly be considered a lie to say, “Yeah. I’m fine. Just bruised and battered. But alive.”

She smiled through tears. “Yes. No thanks to these idiots. What are they doing taking a bunch of cadets out there to fight a megalomaniac like Nero?”


“I know.” She sighed. “You saved the Earth. I read the report. It’s just…if he’d have cost me my son in addition to…never mind.” She kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you’re okay. I got here as soon as I heard. Spock’s not with you?”

“No. He’s-he’s having a difficult time.”

“Oh. Of course he is. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. How are Amanda and Sarek?”

“As well as they can be. I have them in lodging provided by the Federation.”

She nodded. “I’ll go check on them later, after the medal ceremony.”

“They shouldn’t…this is all too much, you know?”

“Sometimes after such horrible tragedy, we tend to want something to celebrate, honey. And I’m afraid you’re caught up in that.” She touched his cheek once more and stepped back. “And you are a hero, whether you want to be or want to admit it. We need heroes, Jim.”

“Okay,” he agreed, then linked his arm with hers, taking her with him to where the arena was, where the ceremony was being held.    

Opinions Please

I am considering discontinuing Not Too Few Regrets. I am only two chapters in. To remind everyone, after a fight with Spock, Jim sleeps with someone else, and Spock wants to end their marriage.

I know JJ doesn’t want me to discontinue and delete it, and I know Kris will probably tell me what she always does, I support you. HA. Am I right?

I’m going to reveal more plot than I would normally. But since I have 5 or so readers on here only that ever comment, I’m okay with that.

My plan for the story was that Jim and Spock had a fight over Jim’s drinking. Spock thinks Jim drinks too much, especially lately, and that he acts out when he does. Jim thinks he can handle his liquor just fine and basically tells Spock to shove it. On shore leave, Jim gets drunks, Spock sees him, tells him he is drunk and should leave with Spock, and Jim refuses, rebelling against the whole notion.

Into this mix comes a setup. An admiral at HQ has never liked the idea of fraternization. When Jim and Spock initially bring up their relationship with Starfleet, he votes against it, and them, serving on the same ship together. He is outvoted. Later, he decides he wants Spock to head a science vessel for Starfleet, but Spock is clearly reluctant because of his marriage to Kirk, which is what this admiral feared all along. He also has received reports and rumors that the two of them risk themselves to save the other more than any command team.

He sets up one of his assistants on shore leave to sleep with Kirk. He has offered her a promotion. She agrees since she always thought Kirk was hot. Don’t know if she slips him something. Haven’t decided. To the admiral’s delight, it works. Kirk is pissed at Spock and does engage in sexual activity with her. Haven’t decided if it’s full intercourse or oral, etc. I don’t remember if I said in the chapters I posted.

When Kirk leaves the Enterprise after requesting personal leave, he goes to San Francisco. The admiral admits nothing other than he always thought it was a bad idea anyway. But Jim runs into the assistant, who is now guilt ridden, and she admits everything.

To Jim, this really changes nothing. He still did what he did. And well, obviously, I don’t have the rest of the plot, other than I suppose eventually Jim and Spock reconcile after Jim begs Spock’s forgiveness.

I’ve had some reader pushback on having Jim cheat and I’m rethinking the whole thing myself, because there are plenty of readers out there who already think Spock is perfect and Jim’s an ass, etc.

There you have it. Get rid of it or write it as is?

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