I am considering discontinuing Not Too Few Regrets. I am only two chapters in. To remind everyone, after a fight with Spock, Jim sleeps with someone else, and Spock wants to end their marriage.

I know JJ doesn’t want me to discontinue and delete it, and I know Kris will probably tell me what she always does, I support you. HA. Am I right?

I’m going to reveal more plot than I would normally. But since I have 5 or so readers on here only that ever comment, I’m okay with that.

My plan for the story was that Jim and Spock had a fight over Jim’s drinking. Spock thinks Jim drinks too much, especially lately, and that he acts out when he does. Jim thinks he can handle his liquor just fine and basically tells Spock to shove it. On shore leave, Jim gets drunks, Spock sees him, tells him he is drunk and should leave with Spock, and Jim refuses, rebelling against the whole notion.

Into this mix comes a setup. An admiral at HQ has never liked the idea of fraternization. When Jim and Spock initially bring up their relationship with Starfleet, he votes against it, and them, serving on the same ship together. He is outvoted. Later, he decides he wants Spock to head a science vessel for Starfleet, but Spock is clearly reluctant because of his marriage to Kirk, which is what this admiral feared all along. He also has received reports and rumors that the two of them risk themselves to save the other more than any command team.

He sets up one of his assistants on shore leave to sleep with Kirk. He has offered her a promotion. She agrees since she always thought Kirk was hot. Don’t know if she slips him something. Haven’t decided. To the admiral’s delight, it works. Kirk is pissed at Spock and does engage in sexual activity with her. Haven’t decided if it’s full intercourse or oral, etc. I don’t remember if I said in the chapters I posted.

When Kirk leaves the Enterprise after requesting personal leave, he goes to San Francisco. The admiral admits nothing other than he always thought it was a bad idea anyway. But Jim runs into the assistant, who is now guilt ridden, and she admits everything.

To Jim, this really changes nothing. He still did what he did. And well, obviously, I don’t have the rest of the plot, other than I suppose eventually Jim and Spock reconcile after Jim begs Spock’s forgiveness.

I’ve had some reader pushback on having Jim cheat and I’m rethinking the whole thing myself, because there are plenty of readers out there who already think Spock is perfect and Jim’s an ass, etc.

There you have it. Get rid of it or write it as is?