In case you are wondering (did I tell you this already? Might have), I got the wine. They had it.

Yippee. Funny story. Sister had offered to split it with me so I was only going to get 6 days. I am sure I told you this part. Didn’t I? So she gave me $35 and I went through the box to take her 6 out and then…

She bought another collection from World Market that was 24 days of wine for $100 (attorney, retired but still she has more moola than I do). So she told me to keep all of mine and the money too.

As you know I started posting At His Side (Fall Guys) on A03. I will not be posting November until all the entries for November are done here.

Wednesday is Try to Remember

I am working on the conclusion of Transfer Request so that will be done this week. Yay, I’ll have another finished.

Tuesday night’s movie is the latest Terminator.