Not a whole lot to report that you don’t already know. It’s back to work today after my long weekend. Bummer.

I’m still trying to decide what to write for the T’hy’la Bang. I’d like to start it sooner rather than later. I have an issue here at work with Word now. I can send files back to myself at home that open just fine, but if I work at something at home and try to send it here, they won’t open. This is going to be challenging on a longer fic like I have to write here.

They have a new chat room set up with this group of participants and I did get a nice comment from someone on there saying they were a fan. From the introductions so far everyone will be working on TOS, sigh. I’d like to see mylochkatee sign up as an artist because I am sure she would be amazing but I haven’t seen her on tumblr in sometime, so bummer.

Next up for updating when I get to it is The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth. I did get my Friday flash done but it’s pretty short. I need to get my February stuff done too so other updates might take a backseat to that while I get those done. I have one Valentine flash done and scheduled but I need one more. Since I am restarting Wednesday flashes in February I think I have seven still to write.

I may revisit the two times a week flashes in the future if it starts interfering with my writing for the T’hy’la thing, but we shall see.