So…I foolishly, perhaps, signed up for the T’hy’la Bang 2020. The rules are pretty brutal. I have to write a K/S fic of at least 15,000 words but preferably over 20,000. Has to be done by the end of May and posted in June. You may recall I did this one a few years back where they pair you with an artist who does art work for your fic. My story was Who Am I to Say.

I think it’s done a little differently in that I think I submit my draft which they share anonymously with artists and then they assign the artists off the pages or something. The last time was a bit of a free for all where you were left feeling like the last one chosen for PE. I think they are trying to avoid that from happening. Not sure, really. Anyway that’s not for a while because I think writers have all the way until the end of February to sign up.

And now I have to think of something. Oiye!