Nope, I don’t watch the Oscar’s. I did see Chris with his girlfriend in a pre-Oscar party pic. Looks like he is getting ready to start the Walter Cronkite movie based on the stache he is sporting.

I found my favorite wine is now made in cans.

In the continuing saga of the Fraud on my Macy’s American Express card, well, yes, it’s still going on. My mind boggles too. I have come to hate Macy’s with a purple passion. Any other color passion too.

The winds are back. For the next three days. Hurricane force at times. Lovely.

I am…behind. I have made progress on the Leap story but it is not finished. I need to get the chapter of The Fling done THIS WEEK. And I have made zero headway for my T’hy’la story. I have to provide my first update on the 29th. Ugh. Just…yeah. I’ll get there. But if I can get the update for The Fling done and the Leap story finished, then I think I can concentrate on the Bang story for a while. I am SO sorry that will mean less updates on AO3.

Wednesday is My Funny Valentine, a TOS Valentine’s Flash, and also a Song Flash. Yay. It will get posted to AO3 too eventually under my holiday collection. Friday is an AOS Valentine’s story.

I did go for a walk yesterday but there were no new pictures to take for February. We’ll see what I can come up with later!

Hope everyone has a good week.