Spock watched somewhat apprehensively as the human’s boy’s gaze skittered over the room, landing nowhere.

“This will be your room.”

“Okay,” Jim said in a small voice.

Earlier, Spock’s mom had made cinnamon cookies and she had given one to Jim. To Spock’s discomfort, Jim had merely stared long and hard at the cookie. Spock had been about to advise Jim that he should eat it when his mother had firmly shaken her head at him.

Jim had then asked for a napkin and when he’d received one, he had carefully wrapped it around the cookie.

Spock’s mother had advised him that he wasn’t to make a fuss over anything Jim did unless it was directly harmful to Jim or someone else. So now Jim still had the wrapped cookie in hand and while Spock watched he walked over to the chest full of drawers, opened one of them, and placed the cookie inside.

Spock wanted to tell him that no one, no one, would take the cookie from him. In fact, Jim could have all the cookies he could eat, Spock would make sure of that, but his mother’s words of warning still rang in his head so he remained silent.

Earlier, Jim had showered under the supervision of Spock’s mother. His hair was still damp and plastered to his head and surprisingly he looked even smaller and slighter than before.

That Sarek thought Jim should go to another family on Vulcan in the condition he clearly was in, was quite unfathomable to Spock. For all that Sarek was married to a human and had a human foster daughter, Spock did not think Sarek knew humans very well at all.

“You should rest for the night, Jim,” he told the boy. “The bed has been made to be comfortable for you. There should be everything you need here. I am not far should you need anything, however. There is also a call button next to the bed if you need Mother.”

“I understand.”

Spock wished to say more but didn’t know what. So he turned to leave, his hand resting near the off switch for the light.

“No,” Jim said urgently.

Spock turned quickly back.

“Can you…leave the light on?” Jim wouldn’t look at him. “The…darkness…I don’t…”

“Yes,” Spock said. “I will leave it on.”

Jim nodded. Still not looking at Spock.


When he stepped outside, Michael was waiting for him. Spock was not surprised.

“How is he?”


“I can see why.” She reached down and pulled a stuffed dog out of her bag and handed it to Spock. “Give him this.”

Spock frowned. “I do not think…”

“Give it to him. It’ll help.” She turned and went back to her room.

Spock turned back to Jim’s door and knocked softly. Then he opened the door and stepped inside.

“Jim, Michael thought you might wish to have this while here.”

Jim eyed the dog. “I’m not a child.”

He nodded. “That is what I expected. I will tell her that you are not interested in having it.”

“You can…leave it. There on the bed.”

Surprised, Spock brought the stuffed dog to the bed and left it there. Jim still not meeting his gaze.

“Goodnight,” he said. And once more left Jim’s room.