It’s a small matter, obviously, considering what’s going on in the world these days, but…

I am thinking of deleting The Carrier on A03. To be honest I am not feeling much enthusiasm for writing it right now and I am not even sure how to resolve it. I was thinking of MirrorKirk becoming happy with Spock Prime but then that would leave MirrorSpock out. And not sure how I would resolve all of that.

I wanted to write a mirror story at the moment because I was reading another I enjoyed, but now…eh. I’m no longer feeling it and it’s likely I wouldn’t update it for a while and I don’t feel like making it another story that lasts for months or years.

I’m a little disappointed in myself for feeling like I want to abandon it but that’s the way I am feeling. And honestly, if I DO delete it, it’s probably likely I won’t take it back up again as I have a million other ideas and things to write.

Or should I leave it up on the chance I update it in a week or two or whatever.