This comes from a prompt from J, but I like it and might try to somehow work it into the Best Friends universe, if I can make it work. I might have to tweak it or something as it’s been a while since I read that story: Best Friends. But I think it can work. Anyway, here you go…

“What do you want?” Spock asked his brother, Sybok. Spock was standing on the terrace of their father’s home overlooking the mountains and the city in the distance.

“Well.” Sybok shrugged. “I thought you might like to talk.”

Spock gave him the side eye. “About what?”

Sybok came to stand next to him and looked down to where Spock’s gaze was fixed on the level below. A young blond human laughed, conversing with another.

“The birds and the bees.”


“You know. The birds and the bees.”

“I do not know what you are talking about.”

Sybok sighed. “Sex.”

Spock glanced quickly at him, expression carefully blank. “I know about sex, brother. I am not a child.”

Sybok’s lips turned upward. “At least I got your attention. If it helps, I’m fairly certain T’Pring is no more interested in maintaining your ill-advised bond than you are.”

As they both watched, the blond human suddenly glanced up, smiled, and waved at them. Spock, before he had a chance to think otherwise, returned the wave. But he regretted instantly, his cheeks warming, as the blond human winked.

Spock moved away from the edge of the terrace.

“He likes you too.”

“I do not know what you are referring to,” Spock said, primly.

“No?” Sybok asked. “Oh. Well, then. If you are not interested in James Kirk, then I will…”

“No,” Spock said quickly, his voice coming out in a snarl.

Which only caused his brother to laugh. “Yeah, I knew you knew what I meant.” Sybok looked over the edge. “I think he’s coming up here.”

“He is?” Spock’s heart began to race.

“Yes, he’s headed to the stairs leading up here. Shall I leave you two alone or do I need to chaperone?”

“I am not a child,” Spock insisted again.

“And you’re sure you don’t need the sex talk?’

Spock took a step toward him. “Leave.”

Sybok held out his hands. “I’m going, I’m going.” Just as he turned away, he spotted James Kirk at the top of the staircase and his brother, wringing his hands, waiting anxiously. Sybok grinned and went back inside.