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A Break

Tomorrow I will have a flash fic up.

So…I have some news.

I’m stuck. I stare at every one of my works in progress and I have nothing. I should be updating My Devotion next but I can’t even make myself open the file. I did open Dating a Vulcan. Managed to force out like two paragraphs and went…no.

I don’t feel like working on anything.

You’d think these two would inspire anyone.

But I presently have nothing.

And so…I’m taking some time off, hoping I return to being inspired to continue my stories. Right now, I am seriously burned out.


Ramblings of the Week, June 26, 2017

Another busy week for me.

Tonight is the Queen + Adam Lambert Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Tomorrow we are going to see Cars 3.

Then Friday is a birthday party dinner for a relative. Then of course after that comes the 4th of July thing. The 4th decided to be on a Tuesday this year and my company decided only to give us that day off even though M has Monday the 3rd off and so does a couple of our friends. And they all work in the same industry as I do. Nuts!

One of the cities around us does their fireworks on the 3rd. I have no idea why, they just always have. This is where M’s cousin lives so that Monday night, we will be headed over to her place to BBQ and watch the works from her driveway on a hill.

Then more family and fireworks on the actual 4th! Too much! HA HA

I am supposed to be updating What Happened to Spock next and I hope to get to it soon but I’d actually also like to update You’re in My Veins. I plan to, hopefully, conclude Forever I Am With You by the end of July.

And nothing is better on a Monday than a pretty picture of Chris



Mid-Week Ramblings, March 30 Edition

The last couple of days have been difficult for me depression-wise. It’s been a bit crippling. Reading a bunch of crap on the internet that has bugged the crap out of me didn’t help in the least either.

For a while, I was back thinking, fuck this, I am going to delete my account, delete everything, that’ll teach them. Who exactly will it hurt? Me.

A co-worker’s 16 year old nephew died of cancer. Just an innocent boy with hopes and dreams that will never ever have a chance of coming true.

My little tantrum over internet assholes seems pretty insignificant in the face of that.

I wonder, though, why some boy who has a 4.0 grade point average and likes to play video games, doesn’t get to make it past 16 but monsters like Charles Manson linger forever.

I saw Beauty and the Beast this week and quite liked it.

I don’t know what we will see next week but I am sure it will be something.

I finished my Big Bang T’hy’la story yesterday and sent it off to a BETA reader. I don’t really use BETA readers anymore (I used to) but this was a requirement of the challenge so I did. I really like what I wrote and when it finally gets posted in June, I hope you will too.

I don’t know what to post next. I think next on my spreadsheet is Me When I was Young but I am kind of wanting to write the next chapter of You are the Light. It may not get done or posted until Monday though. We will see.

Edited to add: I posted the chapter of Me When I was Young. Just one more to go on this story. I’m ready to conclude it.  

In the latest fiasco that is my game playing, for an online game I play on my computer, last Friday, I went to buy diamonds and egg shards (don’t ask, it’s for their spring quest). I decided to buy the most expensive package they were offering that day because I had just gotten paid. Then as I was paying through PAYPAL, it didn’t look like it went through, so I hit it again. You guessed it. I got charged twice, because indeed it did go through. I did get twice the stuff for it but since I had chosen the most expensive package you can imagine I was not pleased. I felt like a complete and utter fool.

I confessed my error last night to the SO. It went okay, considering. But there was some talk of blocking my game. Humph.

My friend, Soup, sent me a picture comparing Chris’ latest bald look (makes face) to Charlie Brown. Hilarious.

I will have a Flash Fic up tomorrow. It’s a little sinister.

Ramblings of the Week, March 13, 2017



I intended to take most of last week off of writing stuff to post. I am working on my big bang story, but that’s not going to be posted for sometime.

But then I sort of got the idea for a fic. I didn’t know if I wanted to post it because I am always afraid of people getting Ivan overload and so I initially posted it as “anonymous”. But then I thought a couple of things. One, I should just own it and post it as myself and if people don’t want to read it because they think, oh, God, not again, then so be it, and two, if someone on there cannot stand me, I should be upfront so they don’t get invested in something they aren’t really going to enjoy or want to read.

So, What Happened to Spock, was born. I’ve gotten a comment that I am writing Spock too young for a Vulcan but well…we’ll see.

I’ve read a couple of de-aged fics over the years. One was with Jim where Jim was de-aged after Spock and Uhura got married. He was never with Jim at the point. But they end up raising Jim to adulthood and then Spock and Jim fall in love.

The other was one with Spock where he is separated from Jim until he is a young adult again. Jim gets together with Spock Prime who he is with until Spock Prime’s death. When Spock returns at that point to the Enterprise, Jim is not friendly to a young Spock and keeps very distant until Spock almost dies saving Jim. Then he admits that he does still have feelings for Spock but things are complicated.

I wish I could remember the title or where I read that one. I’ve been trying to google it without success so far.

I’m back from my wine weekend. Had a good time and bought lots of wine. Absolutely stunning weather.

Next up is Forever I Am With You, though I admit I haven’t even started the next chapter. I can’t keep up with all the requests that I update certain fics soon or next so I’ll just go with what I know needs updating. Everything will get that way eventually.

I saw the new trailer for Wonder Woman and good Lord, Chris is hot. It’s ridiculous really. She’s hot too by the way.

It’s been in the 80’s the last several days now so spring has officially arrived here. I’m not terribly sorry to see the rain go but it left some beautiful green hills in its wake.


Just Some Pics

Just some Chris pictures from his movies

In order, Rise of the Guardians, Into the Woods, Jack Ryan, Horrible Bosses, Smokin’ Aces,  Z for Zachariah, Star Trek Beyond, Hell or High Water, Small Town Saturday Night, This Means War, People Like Us, Wonder Woman, Bottle Shock, Carriers, Confessions, Blind Dating, Just My Luck, and The Finest Hours.

Ramblings of the Week 10/31

So I posted another new story. Yeah I know. I honestly thought it would be 3 chapters now already it’s 4 and someone said they could see it becoming more. It’s called Dating a Vulcan. If you subscribe to me you might have gotten the notice that it posted as AO3 is screwing up again.

Tomorrow begins the month of the Old Married Spirk challenge. My entry is complete and is called Every Hour Has Come to This. It’s not much plot, just a day in the life of Kirk and Spock, Space Husbands. It’s TOS rather than AOS but you can probably see touches of my AOS Kirk in there because you know, that’s just what I write. I really did try to make him more Shatner than Pine, though.

You know me I can’t wait for shit, so it may be up as soon as November 01. I’m ridiculous.

Today you get a Pinto pic. Enjoy

Total classic





Chris was caught out in LA yesterday by those pesky paparazzi. Can’t say I’m digging the beardy look but I do love that he can’t help but have that tongue out.

Apparently he was unimpressed by the paparazzi though. tsk tsk, Chris

chris-pine-flips-off-the-paparazzi-after-his-newsstand-stop-15 (1).jpg



Today during my writing time I feel I need to return to my Old Married Spirk story. I plan to upload it fairly soon in November, maybe even the first because as most of you know, that’s how I roll. I can hardly wait to post stuff once I write it. This story is so full of fluffiness it’s unreal! HA. There’s probably a reason I don’t regularly write TOS.

Also writing on OMS will prevent me from posting on AO3 today which I definitely need a break from.

I seriously need to conclude something though because Christmas is coming and so is THE WINTER STORY. I need less works in progress. Somebody stop me!

I was posting chapters of Where My Demons Hide on here but I think it might be a bit too graphic for wordpress, so if you are out there and were reading it on wordpress, here’s the link for it on AO3/WMDH so it can be read there.

I may at times post some sort of fluffiness here. Maybe even some Kirk/Spock Prime. Those tend to get porny though so we will see.

In other news, I saw yesterday that Chris adopted a dog. Made me love him even more though I admit to being somewhat surprised since he seemed to indicate before not a lot of time to take care of a pet since he is away so much. But maybe he has enough free time he thought he could do it right now. Anyway the dog and Chris are both cuties.

Since No One is Reading This Anyway

So in my quest to see just about everything CP is in, last night I finally got around to watching Smokin’ Aces. This is something he did somewhere around 2006 before anyone really knew who he was. I actually still know people who don’t know who he is. But I digress.

He doesn’t have a large part really. He plays one of three brothers who along with several other groups of people are out to assassinate a guy connected to the mob who the FBI want to protect.

There were tons of celebs in this movie. Ben Affleck, Ray Liotta, Ryan Reynalds, Andy Garcia, Alicia Keyes, Common, and several others.

Anyway, the long and the short of it was that I would call in a good movie even though it was really violent, as mob movies often are. It’s not one I have to have for my CP collection (and yes I have a CP collection) but it was a decent if violent movie.

On the plus side even though they dressed him up to look like a psycho, his beauty shined through! HA

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