I intended to take most of last week off of writing stuff to post. I am working on my big bang story, but that’s not going to be posted for sometime.

But then I sort of got the idea for a fic. I didn’t know if I wanted to post it because I am always afraid of people getting Ivan overload and so I initially posted it as “anonymous”. But then I thought a couple of things. One, I should just own it and post it as myself and if people don’t want to read it because they think, oh, God, not again, then so be it, and two, if someone on there cannot stand me, I should be upfront so they don’t get invested in something they aren’t really going to enjoy or want to read.

So, What Happened to Spock, was born. I’ve gotten a comment that I am writing Spock too young for a Vulcan but well…we’ll see.

I’ve read a couple of de-aged fics over the years. One was with Jim where Jim was de-aged after Spock and Uhura got married. He was never with Jim at the point. But they end up raising Jim to adulthood and then Spock and Jim fall in love.

The other was one with Spock where he is separated from Jim until he is a young adult again. Jim gets together with Spock Prime who he is with until Spock Prime’s death. When Spock returns at that point to the Enterprise, Jim is not friendly to a young Spock and keeps very distant until Spock almost dies saving Jim. Then he admits that he does still have feelings for Spock but things are complicated.

I wish I could remember the title or where I read that one. I’ve been trying to google it without success so far.

I’m back from my wine weekend. Had a good time and bought lots of wine. Absolutely stunning weather.

Next up is Forever I Am With You, though I admit I haven’t even started the next chapter. I can’t keep up with all the requests that I update certain fics soon or next so I’ll just go with what I know needs updating. Everything will get that way eventually.

I saw the new trailer for Wonder Woman and good Lord, Chris is hot. It’s ridiculous really. She’s hot too by the way.

It’s been in the 80’s the last several days now so spring has officially arrived here. I’m not terribly sorry to see the rain go but it left some beautiful green hills in its wake.