A bit of a self-indulgent mini flash fic this week. I had no prompt, just decided to write this to be obnoxious.


He sat up in bed, his chest heaving with the effort to breathe. He rested his hand on his chest where his heart beat so rapidly, he wasn’t sure it would ever go back to its normal beat.


Spock came out of the bathroom dressed in a cozy looking bathrobe, his hair wet and vaguely standing on end.

Jim nodded at him. “Hey.”

“The bad dream again?”

“Uh-huh. It got even farther along this time too.”

Spock came to him and sat beside him on the bed, reaching over to rub Jim’s back. “It is not reality, Jim.”

“I know. But it seemed so real.”

“Everyone knows that it is you and I who belong together and no one else,” Spock reminded him. “The very idea that I would have ever been in a relationship with Uhura is absurd.”


“As is the idea that a strong and capable woman such as Nyota needs a relationship with a man to be considered relevant.”

“For sure.”

“Or that she has to manipulate said man into putting her on the Enterprise as if her excellent set of skills wasn’t qualifications enough.”


“And the idea that she would openly kiss her superior officer in front of both their superior officer as though she is incapable of controlling her womanly self or for that matter that she would openly fight with her boyfriend during a dangerous mission in front of that same superior officer.”

Jim smiled a little at that. “You’re right about that. It’s definitely sexist.”

“Yes.” Spock rubbed Jim’s shoulders. “It is you who I love, who I cherish. We’ve always been gay in any universe.”

His smile widened. “Well, maybe not gay. But I’ll go with pansexual.”

Spock shook his head and leaned over to place a somewhat chaste kiss on Jim’s lips. “What do you wish to do for our shore leave?”

Jim cupped the back of Spock’s neck and drew his lips to his. “Go back to bed.”