The last couple of days have been difficult for me depression-wise. It’s been a bit crippling. Reading a bunch of crap on the internet that has bugged the crap out of me didn’t help in the least either.

For a while, I was back thinking, fuck this, I am going to delete my account, delete everything, that’ll teach them. Who exactly will it hurt? Me.

A co-worker’s 16 year old nephew died of cancer. Just an innocent boy with hopes and dreams that will never ever have a chance of coming true.

My little tantrum over internet assholes seems pretty insignificant in the face of that.

I wonder, though, why some boy who has a 4.0 grade point average and likes to play video games, doesn’t get to make it past 16 but monsters like Charles Manson linger forever.

I saw Beauty and the Beast this week and quite liked it.

I don’t know what we will see next week but I am sure it will be something.

I finished my Big Bang T’hy’la story yesterday and sent it off to a BETA reader. I don’t really use BETA readers anymore (I used to) but this was a requirement of the challenge so I did. I really like what I wrote and when it finally gets posted in June, I hope you will too.

I don’t know what to post next. I think next on my spreadsheet is Me When I was Young but I am kind of wanting to write the next chapter of You are the Light. It may not get done or posted until Monday though. We will see.

Edited to add: I posted the chapter of Me When I was Young. Just one more to go on this story. I’m ready to conclude it.  

In the latest fiasco that is my game playing, for an online game I play on my computer, last Friday, I went to buy diamonds and egg shards (don’t ask, it’s for their spring quest). I decided to buy the most expensive package they were offering that day because I had just gotten paid. Then as I was paying through PAYPAL, it didn’t look like it went through, so I hit it again. You guessed it. I got charged twice, because indeed it did go through. I did get twice the stuff for it but since I had chosen the most expensive package you can imagine I was not pleased. I felt like a complete and utter fool.

I confessed my error last night to the SO. It went okay, considering. But there was some talk of blocking my game. Humph.

My friend, Soup, sent me a picture comparing Chris’ latest bald look (makes face) to Charlie Brown. Hilarious.

I will have a Flash Fic up tomorrow. It’s a little sinister.