My Prompt This Week was a situation that is not what it seems at first glance.

“Give me another one,” Jim said to the bartender on Locisian. It was only his third and he’d barely felt the other two. But God he needed to get drunk. To unsee Spock and Uhura cuddling in the transport train from the city of Answell. This particular shore leave couldn’t be done with soon enough.

Jim was happy for them. They were working things out after their troubles right around the incidents at Yorktown and Altamid. Good for them. But he didn’t want to have to see their reconciliation in action. There were even rumors that Uhura might be pregnant. Swell.

The bartender slammed down the drink and moved off down the bar toward other customers. It was loud and crowded and Jim sort of just sat in the corner minding his own business. He’d had a couple offers since he’d come in but so far he hadn’t been drunk enough yet to drown his sorrows in sex. He’d probably get there before too much longer.

He picked up the drink and looked around. There was a dance floor and there were lots of different species dancing. He noticed Sulu and his husband, Ben, who had met him for shore leave, amongst them.


He turned in the other direction to face Bones. “Oh, hey. Thought you were busy with that outbreak of Nifirian Flu.”

“It’s under control now. Thought I’d take a little break.” Bones sat next to him and gestured for a drink. “You look like hell.”

“Gee, I can always count on you to make me feel my best.”

“So why are we drowning ourselves now?”

“No reason.”

“No reason, huh? A call from your mom?”

Jim snorted. “No. Last time I talked with her was my birthday.”

“Admiralty being assholes?”

“When aren’t they?”

“Point,” Bones said, picking up the bourbon he just received. “Then it must be the hobgoblin.”

Jim shook his head. “Let it go, Bones.”

“Thought so. “ Bones leaned in close. “I have a way to distract you from Spock. From them.”

Jim downed his third drink. “Oh? What’s that?”

“Down the street is a little known establishment.” Bones grinned.

“Keep talking.”

“There’s girls and boys. Different species.”

“Shit, are you talking a brothel, Bones?”

Bones shrugged. “You want to get laid with no strings attached, right? It’s legal here. And you can have whatever you like.” He dropped his voice. “Rumor has it they even have a Vulcan.”

“No way.”

“Could be false,” Bones said. “But even still I bet they have someone there to interest both of us.”

“I don’t know.”

Bones squeezed his arm. “Come on, Jim. Let’s go take a look. If you don’t like the look of it, we can leave and do something else.”

Jim nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

He followed Bones to the exit and out into the night. They’d walked about a block down the street when Spock appeared in front of them.

“Oh. Hey. Aren’t you?”

Spock raised a phaser.


He fired it at Bones.

“What the—”

Bones collapsed beside him and turned into…someone else. Someone Jim had never seen before. Ever.

“My apologies, Captain. A shape shifter.”

“Holy shit.”

“Doctor McCoy is currently on the Enterprise dealing with the Nifirian Flu.”

“This-this guy-he knew…” Jim swallowed and took a step back. “He knew so much.”

Spock nodded. “This particular species of shape shifters are also telepaths.”


Two security officers from the Enterprise arrived and picked up the unconscious shape shifter.

“What did he want with me?”

“You are highly sought after as a kidnap victim these days. No doubt to use against the Federation. If you will allow me, I will escort you back to the Enterprise.”

Jim blew out a breath. “Yeah, I guess that might be a good idea.”

They were in the turbolift making their way to the officers’ deck when Jim turned to Spock. “How’d you know where to find me anyway? Last I saw, you were on a transport train to Answell.”

“”I have been watching out for you, Captain. You take too many chances.”

Suddenly he was crowded against the wall of the turbolift and he realized it had stopped moving.


Spock’s hands slammed against the wall, on either side of Jim’s head. “Do you know the lengths I have to go to in order to keep you safe?”

“Well, I—”

“Be silent.” Spock leaned in close and then as Jim watched, a long, pointed lizard like tongue came out of Spock’s mouth toward him.

Jim screamed.

And woke up in his bed, chest heaving, sweating everywhere.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

He was in his quarters. Quiet and normal as can be. When he thought he could move without his chest exploding, he got up and went into the shower and then dressed in his uniform before going up to the bridge.

“Status report?” Jim asked as he slid into his chair.

“We’ll make orbit for Locisian in an hour, Captain,” Sulu replied.

“Very good. Maintain.”

Spock walked up to his chair from his own station. “Looking forward to shore leave, Captain?’

Jim smiled a little. “Actually, Spock, I think I’m going to sit this one out.”


A little creepy, yes?