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Ramblings, November 19, 2018

As you know, I have this week off.

Did some cleaning over the weekend to get ready for TG on Thursday. I got Bitter Frost updated despite AO3 refusing to tell anyone. Funny thing was it said on their twitter that emails were delayed but hadn’t disappeared altogether. BS

I have some errands and shopping I want to do today. But I am also working on my Flash Fic for Friday. This week, other than the Flash, I want to finish the Christmas story, so I can call it done, and move on. I know how I want to end it, it just has to get there!

Wednesday I am making a pumpkin dessert for TG. If it turns out okay I will post a picture of it.

When I was young, I used to do all the Black Friday shopping thing. Well, I never got up at 5 or anything,but I would go shopping that day. These days I do most of my shopping online or on different days if I am going to, say Target (my favorite store, ha ha). I doubt that pattern will change this year. I don’t like crowded stores. We went to Costco on Saturday and it was packed with people who wanted to run you over with their damn cart.

Sunday the 25th is decorating day here at my house. One month exactly! I’m excited to have it done. I am Christmas nut, I know.

When I was a kid, long long ago, but not in a galaxy far away, we used to go to mass. Anyway, I loved going to midnight mass. These days half the churches have done away with it and only like one of every five churches have actual midnight mass, around here anyway, but when I was a kid it was a big thing and I loved it. For me, it was such quintessential Christmas. Even as I became a little older my sister and I would go when no one else would anymore. Mass would be standing room only so we’d get there early and I loved the pomp and circumstances of it all. The whole ceremonial thing.

Though I am no longer practicing any religion, I remember that part of it very fondly. There’s a saying I think rather applies to me. You can take the person out of the Catholic but you can’t take the Catholic out of the person. Yep.

Anyway, even now my favorite time is Christmas. I’m like a kid, still. I even have a Christmas playlist on my phone to listen to as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

I know some people in the Star Trek fandom get offended that people write Christmas stories about Kirk and Spock, because Shatner and Nimoy were both Jewish. I’ve even seen people complain about it. But my take is that was the actors, not the characters. Roddenberry was an atheist. Kirk and Spock did not disclose their religion, though Spock, often dismissed the idea of a deity. I don’t write TOS Christmas stories, and Quinto is not Jewish, and Pine is only part, and speaks of how he really doesn’t follow any religion, plus I think he has celebrated Christmas as a child. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter, I don’t get into too much religion, though I do reference Amanda being Jewish. My point is, it’s fiction, a fandom written about characters that don’t even exist, so if I want to write Christmas, then I am going to do so.

I hope everyone here in the US has a wonderful Thanksgiving. And everyone elsewhere, if you are out there, has a great week.


Rambles November 15, 2018

art birds business card
Photo by Pixabay on

The fire near us is now at 57% containment and that’s good news even though it burned over 504 structures. Up north, the “camp” fire destroyed an entire town. What a horrible couple of weeks it’s been for everyone here. I hope the winds leave us alone for a while, we need a break.

The weather report coming up for the next week or some promises a mild Thanksgiving holiday, which is very much welcome. As I have said I start my week off as the day ends tomorrow and I look forward to it even though I have many household chores.

My writing goal is to finish the Christmas story (still unnamed). I am writing the sex part at the moment. Once that story is finished I will feel much relief.

I saw on the news today something sad. A while back there was this big story about a “GoFundMe” account set up for a homeless man after he gave a woman his last $20 so she could get home. People donated all kinds of money. Now it turns out the whole thing was likely a scam to get people’s money. What kind of horrible people take advantage of warm-hearted generous people like that to steal their money and good will? These people need to go to jail and I hope they do. The moral? I say, sadly, don’t give money to any of these things, unless YOU personally know their circumstances.


Ramblings of the Week, September 16, 2018


As I mentioned my company is moving around this time next year. Having been in this location for quite a time and you get used to a place, don’t you? It makes me kind of sad, to be honest. We are only moving a couple blocks away but here we are the only company on our premises whereas at the new building we will be one of many companies. They are down-sizing the California presence.

Anyway, this is a panoramic view from our current location. Its a nice view and one I am used to. It’s sad that this will be gone. The new location will have views of other buildings not the sky and mountains in the distance. Sigh.

This week I guess I should be updating When I Loved You. I started it but haven’t gotten far. After that it should be Didn’t We Almost Have It All and Where My Demons Hide but honestly I have been enjoying working on my Christmas story etc. I’ll get to them though.

Was browsing the Macy’s website when low and behold the male model on there was Miles (ZQ’s boyfriend). Shaking my head.

Cousin from Maine arrives later this week. She’s really cool so we will enjoy that.

And that’s the latest.

Weekly Ramblings, September 12, 2018

We are having some really great weather right now (sorry for those in the path of Florence) but for us, it’s 80s during the day and low 60s at night, great for sleeping with windows open. Sometimes September heat can be a nightmare so this is very welcome. And it looks to stay this way for the foreseeable future. It also helps us with our electric bill as we haven’t been needing to run the AC. It’s also perfect hot tea drinking weather after the sun goes down.

Last night just the two of us went to see Peppermint. If you’ve ever seen Death Wish from the 1970s with Charles Bronson, then you know what you have, but with Jennifer Garner in the Charles Bronson role. It had your typical caricature villains doing stupid stuff for no apparent reason, like killing her family, is a huge example. Anyway, despite the less than stellar movie, it was a nice get out for us.

Later a certain someone’s mood soured (not me) when one of our kitchen drawers broke (those little plastic pieces in the back that keeps the drawer in place. You would have thought it was the end of the world as we know it. Needless to say it’s a trip to the hardware store for us tonight after work.

I feel great about finishing Anything and, though admittedly, I would have liked a greater enthusiastic response to its conclusion I acknowledge a lot can happen in the near 2 years it’s been going.

I’m back to working on the Christmas story at the moment and I reread what I had written so far and very much liked it. It’s what I feel like working on right now with all the personal angst swirling around my head.

I got some new fall decorations that arrived yesterday and they look smashing. Including some fall flavored Salt Water Taffy. I can only indulge in a piece now and then but they make me happy so there! LOL.

As you may or may not remember, last holiday season I was sick as a damn dog (I hope to avoid that this year) and we also went out for Thanksgiving to a restaurant (side note: It was 100 degrees on Thanksgiving last year, UGH). We were all disappointed in our meal (I was super sick then too). Anyway, we are back to hosting it at our place this year and knowing that I bought M an apron with an applique turkey on it that says Happy Turkey Day. HA HA. Couldn’t resist.

At the moment I am on a self-imposed tumblr avoidance. I’ve made it so far three days. Go me!

And that’s it for my rambling at the moment


Rambles, August 15, 2018 Edition

I’ve been thinking about the past for the last day or so. It’s been twenty-three years since I went to Ireland now. One of my most fondest memories of my lifetime and it was so long ago. Kind of sad in a way.

Twenty-one years ago I had my gallbladder surgery, right after I came back from Disney World. Ha. Well, almost. We went in July (and don’t even talk about being in Florida in July, ugh) and my surgery was in September. It’s also hard to believe it was so long ago for Disney World.

For that matter, it’s been seventeen years since I went to Austria and Germany.

Where does the time go? I really don’t know. There’s a song by Five for Fighting that is called 100 Years and it talks about having 100 years to live (which of course we don’t, most of us) but what really strikes me is the line I’m fifteen for a moment. Because, really, that’s how it is for us. Life goes so fast.

Anyway, in a couple of days I am off for San Diego for three days. Before I know it that will be done as well. And then August will fall right behind it and it will be September again.

I’ll be working on All I Ever Wanted, next, I think. Not sure when I will have it up, or if I will, before I leave. I am also working on the Professor Spock sequel and at the moment I am actually leaning toward concentrating on that for a bit. I also worked on my Christmas story a bit, yesterday, creating a new beginning for it which will need to be tied together with what I have already written.

I did get the next part of The Love of a Lifetime up for publication here on Friday.

I am going to leave it here, that if another ST movie is made without CP (which I don’t think it will be but you never really know), I will be finishing the stories I have going and then quit writing for the fandom. I’m not interested in a new Kirk and I’m not interested in a movie without the AOS cast. I suspect either a deal will be made or they won’t make the movie, which if Paramount is against putting in any real effort to it, is frankly for the best.

On to other things. Don’t know if I mentioned it or not but my job is moving locations in 2019. There was all kinds of speculation as to where we would be moved (basically our building was sold, our lease is up next year, so we are being booted out), but they have made the decision and it’s literally down the street from where we are now. But ack, moving sucks, and I am not looking forward to it. Yeah it’s not for a year, but, gah. I’ve been in this building for years.

Anyway, that’s the rambles for now.  I leave you with a picture of where we are staying in San Diego.


Ramblings of the Week, January 01, 2018


Well my friends, 2017 is behind us. Will we  all survive 2018? That remains to be seen or experienced.

I can’t say 2017 was all bad for me. But I started 2017 sick and ended it sick. That pretty much sucked.

But I did get to go to Morro Bay twice. I saw Yellowstone. And I had my mother around for another year. I kept my job. N. Korea hasn’t blown us up yet. All good things.

I wrote and started many stories. And some I even finished! LOL.

In just a few weeks, I will be on my Caribbean Cruise 2018. The last one we went on was in 2014 or 2015. I forget which. I thought it was 2015 but M thinks it was 2014. Anyway, a while ago and I anticipate not going on another one for the foreseeable future.

I anticipate having a nice time, anyway.

This year I resolve to get healthier. Actually use that exercise bike we bought. And try to be financially healthier too.

I also resolve to finish all the stories I have already started. When? Well, 2018 just began so we will see!

Next up for me is I want to conclude my Cinderella Spirk story before I go any further with anything else. So look for the conclusion of When I Fall in Love.

I want to be able to begin posting the Winter Story soon. I think I may call it “Frostbite” but we shall see.

My friend, AO, has requested my flash fic for Friday, January 05 to be Pinto related. We shall see if I can do it.

This coming Saturday, January 06, I will be undecorating my family’s house. Hopefully we will have the energy.

Thursday Rambling November 09, 2017


So this week I updated, so far, Didn’t We Almost Have it All, Will You Have Sex with Me, and Turning Page. I am currently working on the next chapter for You are the Light That’s Leading Me. It’s a very important chapter so I want to get it exactly right.

I also have, debuting tomorrow morning at the usual 4AM Pac time, the next Flash Fic which is part of my Sorta Old Married Spirk holiday story.

I’ve been busy considering I have been not well AND I went to the movies.

I am getting my wish of having a nice calm weekend. Hopefully I can get some rest and get rid of whatever is ailing me once and for all.

Updates to My Days Ahead



This picture is to remind you I still need to write my winter story!

So I decided to get out of Dodge for a few days. I did hint that I might. I will be pretty much incommunicado Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

I am also done posting anything to AO3 until Wednesday of next week at which time I will post the chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All that I wrote.

I think I updated a lot this week and since my readership is fading, I think that’s enough.

I do have a flash fic coming on Friday. I intend to concentrate on getting the final chapter of For the First Time in My Life I was Happy finished so I can post that next week too.

Those are my immediate plans anyway.

I’ve struggled pretty much all week with depression and my frenetic updates that are meant to help ME deal with it, only seems to hurt me in readership. No idea why that is, but that’s the scientific pattern. Anyway, so this is probably a much needed break for me.

In the meantime, I will play games, watch movies, have sex and chill some. Maybe read someone else’s stuff.



Me Being Random

My current song obsession that I think goes marvelously with Jim is Believer by Imagine Dragons. Check it out for the full experience but here are some of my favorite lyrics.

 I was broken from a young age
Taking my soul into the masses
Write down my poems for the few
That looked at me took to me, shook to me, feeling me
Singing from heart ache from the pain
Take up my message from the veins
Speaking my lesson from the brain


I was choking in the crowd
Living my brain up in the cloud
Falling like ashes to the ground
Hoping my feelings, they would drown
But they never did, ever lived, ebbing and flowing
Inhibited, limited
Till it broke up and it rained down

I love music that inspires me to write.  I have a whole long playlist for Star Trek.

It’s like 90 something degrees and my co-worker is wearing knee high leather boots like it’s fucking January.

Sometimes I wish I could control myself and not write fifty million Spirk stories. And I still want to write that Winter story I’ve been talking about.

Neighbor came over yesterday to say they’d had a massive leak and flood and since we share a wall we should check that wall for drywall damage. Sigh.

My plans for a beautiful romantic weekend at the end of August in Morro Bay may or may not be ruined. I have booked it but now the sister wants to visit. Grrr.

Recent movies I’ve seen and liked: Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Spiderman.

Movies I’ve seen and didn’t like: I Saw the Light. I love Tom Hiddleston but this movie sucked. Sorry, Tom. Maybe it was the subject matter (Hank Williams).

Movies I still intend to see this summer: Dunkirk and The Dark Tower

I was supposed to get a new computer at work yesterday. The one I have is ancient and unbelievably slow. They set me up to get a new one more than a month ago on yesterday’s date. The one tech copied my stuff to transfer to the new one. And then…he sent me a message saying my computer was missing. I heard nothing else the rest of the day. I emailed him this morning to ask for an update. He responded just now that they still haven’t found it and that he basically has not ETA for me to get my new computer now. Unbelievable.

No writing update today. And I am going to lunch with my co-worker so I won’t even be working on anything. Tomorrow I will have a flash fic up but I warn you, it is short. (and sweet).

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