As I mentioned my company is moving around this time next year. Having been in this location for quite a time and you get used to a place, don’t you? It makes me kind of sad, to be honest. We are only moving a couple blocks away but here we are the only company on our premises whereas at the new building we will be one of many companies. They are down-sizing the California presence.

Anyway, this is a panoramic view from our current location. Its a nice view and one I am used to. It’s sad that this will be gone. The new location will have views of other buildings not the sky and mountains in the distance. Sigh.

This week I guess I should be updating When I Loved You. I started it but haven’t gotten far. After that it should be Didn’t We Almost Have It All and Where My Demons Hide but honestly I have been enjoying working on my Christmas story etc. I’ll get to them though.

Was browsing the Macy’s website when low and behold the male model on there was Miles (ZQ’s boyfriend). Shaking my head.

Cousin from Maine arrives later this week. She’s really cool so we will enjoy that.

And that’s the latest.