This continues the ongoing antics/relationship of the roommates, Spock and Jim.

Spock’s crush, if that’s what it was, as he found that to be such a very odd term, hadn’t gotten any better. Or rather, resolved itself.

He had spent the better part of the Winter Break with his roommate, James Kirk, eating human foods Jim introduced to him as well as watching holiday entertainment. He had found himself very much enjoying their time together, but it never really seemed to move past a friendly camaraderie.

Spock was positive that was his own doing. He was not, as it happened, inexperienced sexually. He’d had a few casual sexual encounters both on Vulcan and Earth. But he wasn’t especially good at forming friendships and romantic pairings.

While it was true he had not come right out to Jim to express an interest in sexual intercourse, all Spock’s usual subtler methods had thus far failed to bring forth an answering response in Jim.

Normally, Spock might think Jim was simply not interested in male sexual partners, but since they had begun rooming together, Spock knew he’d gone out with a few males. He hadn’t to this point thought seriously that it might be that Jim did not find Spock himself attractive.

Winter Break was now over and they were back to their courses at Starfleet Academy.  Spock found that meant he saw Jim far less. Because of their different coursework majors, Jim spent study time in a different campus library then Spock.

Spock has told himself that this is a good thing, because it means he will get over this strange affection he has for Jim if he doesn’t see him as often.

But as he returned to their dorm one night, along the way walking from the Science Library, he spotted Jim and he was not alone. Jim was engaged in kissing a female Orion. Spock didn’t linger, but instead quickened his pace.

Once he was in his dorm, Spock brought up his PADD. It might just be time to request a new dorm. Or even to get his own apartment off campus. He had the means to do so, he had just assumed the experience of living on campus would serve him well. No longer certain, Spock contemplated his next action.

When Jim returned to their dorm a short time later, smiling brightly, Spock avoided looking in his direction after spotting the “hickey” along Jim’s collarbone.

Jim didn’t seem to notice. He went into the kitchen for some orange juice out of the fridge. “Want to play some chess, Spock?”

“Thank you, no.”

It probably came out more curtly than Spock had intended for Jim’s smile slipped, but he simply nodded and poured himself orange juice.

Spock had made the acquaintance of a Betazoid just prior to the Winter Break. After sending a quick message to him, Spock reached for his coat.

“Going out?” Jim asked, sounding merely curious.

“Indeed. I have a date,” Spock replied, though he wasn’t sure why he bothered sharing that information.

Jim blinked. “Oh. Okay. Will you be back later—”

“That is uncertain. In any case, goodnight, Jim.”

And though his night with the Betazoid ended up being physically satisfying, Spock returned to their dorm in the early morning hours…empty.   Flash Fic, September 30, 2020 Flash Fic, October 21, 2020 Flash Fic, November 06, 2020 Flash Fic, November 23, 2020