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Spock came home late one night from a lengthy visit with his visiting parents to his shared dorm room with Jim. He expected one of two things. Either Jim would be asleep already or Jim would be out doing his own thing.

Neither turned out to be correct.

Jim was crying.

At first Spock was completely alarmed and rather panicky. He was not sure how to handle an emotionally overwrought Human. The only excessive emotion he had ever experienced with his mother was joy.

There was a part of him who wished to slip back out of the room, pretending he had not witnessed this bit of weakness.

Jim was sitting on their couch, watching television, crying into tissues. His blurred blue eyes glanced over at Spock and Spock was caught. He could not leave.

“Oh. Hi.” Jim sniffed and then blew his nose. “How’d your visit go with your folks?”

Spock was not sure how to respond for Jim seemed so distraught. But he answered, “It went well.”

“Good. Great. I’m glad.”

Spock was now confused. Perhaps it had to do with Jim’s mother again. He recalled how upset Jim was when he wasn’t going to see her. Though, Spock had made sure he had. Spock approached the couch and sat down on the edge.

“Jim, what is wrong?”


“You are crying.”

To Spock’s surprise, Jim laughed. He waved a tissue.

“Oh. I was watching a movie. It takes place at Thanksgiving on a homestead. And the mom has cancer, their house is hit by a tornado, and then the dog dies and…”

“Why would you watch that?” Spock asked.

Jim laughed again. “Cause I’m crazy. I didn’t know it would make me cry. Stupid I know.”

“If that was the only reason…I am relieved.”

“Yeah that was it.” Jim yawned then. “Gosh, it’s late though. I didn’t realize.”

Spock inclined his head. “I…I intended to make myself some tea before bed. It is herbal. Would you care to have some?”

Jim’s smile made his heart pick up pace. “I’d love to.”

Spock rose to prepare their tea and Jim followed him into the kitchen. He felt so much better knowing Jim had not really been upset.

That was good. They had tea, spoke more about their day, and then went to bed. Spock meditated for a while on his growing attachment to Jim, but he slept at last.

More to come with the roommates (either later this month or perhaps in January we shall see)