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Okay folks, I am very soon going to be starting my December Christmas Spirk Story and need help choosing a title.

Some background…

Jim is a single dad with a small daughter who still believes in Santa. Unfortunately at the beginning of December, Jim is laid off. He reluctantly must tell his daughter that Santa might not give them much. In the meantime, a new cafรฉ opens in downtown Riverside, run by a certain ambassador’s rebellious son. Jim gets a job there.

That’s all you need to know for now!

Title choices are from various Christmas songs. Please, I beg you. Only vote for ONE. thank you.

When You Pine for the Sunshine of a Friendly Gaze

All is Merry and Bright

Echoing Their Joyous Strains

Make the Season Bright

Let Nothing You Dismay

I’m Christmasing With You

To Touch Their Harps of Gold

If I choose the title you vote for ultimately, you get one flash request to be honored in 2021. That’s true even if three people all pick the same title, provided I pick that one when naming the story.