Remember the Spock who picked Jim up on September 30th? This is them!

Spock spotted his dorm roommate Jim Kirk sitting by himself on the patio of the teashop. In front of him were two beverage containers and two scones. Looked like the current pumpkin spice scones the teashop had for the season.

He’d only known Kirk briefly, since picking him up on the side of the road on his way to San Francisco. They’d had some food together and during their brief time as roommates, Spock had only seen him sparingly.

But Kirk looked sad today. Like that night Spock had picked him up. And for some reason, Spock found himself compelled to check on him.

It was a Saturday and as Spock approached Kirk’s table, he noticed the fellow cadet wore a black T-shirt with the word Boo written across it in white. With a shake of his head, Spock stopped at Kirk’s table.

“Are you all right?”

Blue eyes lifted to his. Yes, sad.

“Oh. Hi Spock. Want to sit?”

Spock didn’t really. He had intended to get tea and be on his way. But those eyes made him change his mind and take the offered seat.

“I presume your intended companion will be along soon.”

Jim smiled wryly. “Nah. I’ve been stood up.”

Spock found that very hard to believe. Who in their right mind would stand up Kirk?


“Yes.” He sighed. “Been here for a while. She was supposed to come about an hour ago. Tea’s cold now. Guess I’ll be taking the scones and the tea to go.”

“I am…sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m kind of used to it.”

Spock frowned. Why would he be used to it?

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“Came to collect some tea on my way back to our dorm.” Spock hesitated. “If I may, who were you intending to meet?”

He had not actually seen Kirk dating anyone. Not that he paid that much attention, due to his own studies. But still…

“My mom.”

And as Spock stared at Jim, he realized the sadness made a lot of sense now. Jim had vaguely mentioned on the night they’d met that he rarely got to see his mother. And that he hoped he would in the next few weeks while her ship docked in San Francisco briefly.

“She could not make it?”

Jim shook his head. “No. She messaged me a bit ago and said her captain needed her to fix something on the ship and she couldn’t get away after all.”

Spock didn’t know what to say. He knew Jim had looked forward to it. “Perhaps tomorrow…”

“They leave again tonight.” Jim sighed. “Wasn’t meant to be.”

“When-when was the last time you were able to see her?”

“I don’t know. A few years, I guess.”

Spock pursed his lips. “My hover car is outside. Why don’t I take you to where her ship is docked? Perhaps you can have a few moments with her then.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Really?”



Spock didn’t like to speed. At all. But the sight of Jim Kirk hugging his mother, an engineer on the USS Excelsior, shortly after they arrived, was worth any discomfort he had at bending the law a bit.

Jim had a security guard call her off the ship, and after a short time, Winona Kirk had come out, looking a little frazzled, but smiling big as she greeted her son.


They had hugged for a considerable amount of time.

When finally they’d stopped embracing but still had their arms locked, Jim turned to Spock.

“Mom, this is Spock. Spock, my mom.”

“Commander Kirk, it is a pleasure.”

“The pleasure is mine, Spock. Thank you so much for bringing me my son.” She turned back to Jim. “I have to go now, sweetheart. But God it was so great to see you and feel you.”

Jim nodded. “I know. Here.” He handed her the bag with both pumpkin scones. “Love you.”

“Love you more.” She dabbed at her eyes with her uniform shirt and then went up the ramp back to her ship.

Jim smiled at Spock. His eyes were shining, his cheeks flushed, and Spock thought just then, he might be a little in love.


“Let’s go back, Spock.”

They left the hanger.

“Can we get a pizza?”

Spock shook his head and sighed. “Yes, Jim.”