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October Flashes

Flash Fic, October 30, 2020

Let’s end the month with a little Vanik!

Vanik was following Jim around the apartment Jim shared with his Uncle Spock. Vanik had arrived a short time at Jim’s invitation. To Vanik’s delight there had been glazed covered donuts and cream puffs waiting.

He’d barely had time to enjoy them though, as Jim was now taking him around, speaking of elaborate plans.

“I figure here I’ll hang webs. Maybe even spiders.”

“Is that the usual practice?”

Jim grinned. “Yep. And maybe some ghosts and witches too.”

“A witch?”

“Yeah, you know. Pointed hat, wart on her nose.”

Vanik nodded. “You are, as they say, going all out for your Halloween party.”

“Well, it’s only once a year. I’m going to have food and drinks too.”

“What did Uncle Spock have to say about all this?”

Jim smiled. “You know I’m good at convincing Spock.”

Vanik did know this. There wasn’t really much Spock denied Jim. And though he knew Spock wasn’t fond of such things, Vanik knew Jim hadn’t had any trouble talking Spock into it.

“What kind of food are you going to have?”

“Finger stuff, it’s easier. Bones makes a killer meatball so I figure we can make them look like eyeballs.”

“Spock does not eat meat,” Vanik reminded him.

“Right, so I’ll also use a melon baller and make honeydew eyeballs.”

“May I have another cream puff?”

Jim waved in their direction. “Sure sure.”

Now that Vanik thought about it, the cream puffs could make pretty good eyeballs too.

“We can make those fat pretzels into fingers and like paste a slice of almond on the end with frosting as their nail. Trust me, it’ll be cool. You can help if you want.”

Vanik did. Any time he could spend with Spock and Jim, he was all for it.

“You’ll need a costume.”

Vanik paused mid-chew. “A costume?”

“It’s a costume party, kiddo.” Jim looked at him. “How about Eddie Munster?”

“What is an Eddie Munster?”

Jim picked up his PADD, stabbed at it as though he hated it, and then handed it to Vanik with a grin.

“Eddie Munster.”

“Hmm.” Vanik grabbed another eyeball…er…creampuff. “There is a certain resemblance. I could make it work. What are you going as, Jim?”

“A zombie red shirt.”

Vanik stared at him. “A…what?”

“Um, well, just wait. You’ll see.”

Vanik shrugged. Adults were incomprehensible at times. “What will Uncle Spock be?”

“That’s an interesting question.” Jim dug into a large bag. He pulled out decorations, Vanik assumed, were appropriate for Halloween.

Just then the door of the apartment opened and Spock entered the apartment.

“Vanik, I was unaware you were stopping by.”

Vanik noticed the disapproval there but this time he could not help but be smug in his response.

“I was invited over by Jim.”

Spock glanced at his boyfriend. “Is that true?”

“Sure is.”

Spock looked back at Vanik. “Your father will not be pleased at how many sweets you are eating.” He shook his head. Turned back to Jim and noticed Jim had a life sized plastic skeleton in his hands. “What—”

“For the Halloween Party,” Vanik supplied helpfully.


“I’m going as Eddie Munster and Jim is going as a zombie wearing red. What are you going as, Uncle Spock?”

Spock’s right eye was twitching. “The Invisible Man as I will not be…”

Jim arched both brows at Spock. He said nothing whatsoever. Just arched those bushy brows.

Spock sighed. “I do not know yet.”

Jim smiled then and once more Uncle Spock blushed.

Vanik held out a creampuff. “Eyeball?”

Spock scowled. “What?”

“Never mind.” It was the last one and Vanik bit into it. Spock probably didn’t eat them anyway.

Happy Halloween and on to November next! November’s theme is family and gatherings.

Flash Fic, October 28, 2020

“What are you doing out there anyway?”

Nyota’s voice seemed to echo off the walls of the buildings around Spock as he continued walking along the cobbled path in the middle of the park about a mile from his apartment and Starfleet Academy.

“I am meeting my date.”

“Who is this guy?”

“I am not entirely certain. It is, as you would say, a blind date.”

“Spock? Is that wise?”

“Someone my mother set me up with. I cannot imagine she would set me up with someone untoward.”

“Hmm. I guess not.  But it’s late. Where are you meeting him?”

“At the other entrance of the park and then we are to go for tea and coffee at the twenty-hour hour café.”

“Why didn’t you just meet there?”

Spock’s steps faltered slightly. “I am not certain. He just said to meet at the other entrance and we would go together.”

He paused looking up at the full moon. There were clouds on the edge that if they moved a little would cover up the moon. And Spock knew there was a possibility of rain that night.

Spock heard a distant rustling and then it seemed to be coming closer to his position. And then a low…growl.

“Spock? You okay?”

“I…believe so. I heard an indistinguishable sound.”

“Get out of that park as fast as you can, Spock. I don’t like this.”

“I tend to agree. I will contact you when I am on the other side. Spock out.”

He shoved the communicator into his pocket and quickened pace.

He was approaching the entrance when something ran across the path directly in front of him about a hundred yards away. Spock stilled.

He was not certain he was seeing correctly for it looked to be either a very large dog or a wolf. There were no wolves in San Francisco.

It stopped, turned, and stared at Spock. The teeth bared and he heard that same low growl. From where Spock stood the creature’s eyes seemed to glow preternaturally from within.

Suddenly it got darker and Spock dared a glance up, noting the clouds were moving in front of the full moon.

The creature whimpered and then dashed off, back into the shrubbery.     

Spock waited only a moment before hurrying forward and in a run to the entrance.

He texted Nyota instead of calling her.

 There was no one there at first, but only a moment later, a man appeared.

“Hey. There you are.”

Spock stared in rapt attention at the man. He was beautiful with sandy hair and sapphire blue eyes and a bright, warm smile.

“Spock right? Jim Kirk.”

Kirk held out his hand as though to shake Spock’s and Spock very nearly put his hand out to take the other man’s.

But then Jim Kirk dropped his hand, but not the bright smile. “Sorry. Old habits. You okay? You look a little pale.”

“Did you…come by way of the park?” Spock asked instead of answering.

“Sure. Why?”

Spook shook his head. “Did you see a…wild dog a moment ago?”

“A dog?” Jim laughed a little. “No. Nothing like that. Did you?”

“Perhaps. I am not one generally given to delusions,” Spock said primly. The clouds had entirely covered the moon now.

“Sorry. I didn’t see anything.” Jim moved closer. “You ready to go have our date?”

“I am, yes.” He fell into step next to Jim. “Our mothers are friends.”

“Yeah, my mom said. I’m in command track at the Academy.”


“Cool. I love really smart guys.”

Spock arched a brow. “Indeed.”

They went into the café and had their beverages. They spent a long time talking and made plans to see each other the next day for dinner.

Jim walked Spock to his apartment. “Back to the dorm for me. Have a good night, Spock. See you tomorrow.”

Spock was only mildly surprised when Jim leaned in and kissed him. But it was a very pleasant one.

He went up the stairs to his apartment and was inside and in his bedroom, about to close the open window because the air coming in was quite cold.

His communicator chirped so he flipped it open. “I am home now, Nyota.”

“Good. How’d it go?”

“Very well. I am seeing him tomorrow.”

She chuckled. “Cute?”


He heard a howl then that made his skin prickle and a chill go up his spine.


He closed the window. “Nothing. Yes. It was good. Very.”

Flash Fic, October 26, 2020

Today we revisit Spock and Jim from Who Does Spock Wake Up With (as well as the one where Spock fell down the stairs)

Photo by Toni Cuenca on

Spock finds the celebration of Halloween a puzzlement. It is not that he has not done the research, of course he has, but the practice of dressing up as something you are not, and eating candy, partying, and in ancient times, bobbing for apples, made no logical sense.

Yet Jim announces enthusiastically one morning as they are having breakfast in the Academy Cafeteria, that there is a Halloween Dance he would like to attend.

Spock ignores this until he understands Jim is looking at him expectantly.

He wonders what the proper response is for a bit, mulling it over in his mind.

He and Jim are most assuredly a couple now, with Jim moving in to Spock’s apartment entirely when Spock fell down the stairs, and though perhaps there were some who would claim they got to such a serious state too fast, Spock would argue their pace suited them.

At the table with them were Jim’s friends, McCoy, a doctor who seems always grumpy, but well meaning in regard to Jim, and a self-proclaimed jokester named Finnegan, Spock did not find particularly amusing. He tolerates Jim’s friends because Jim tolerates his.

Spock swallows the bite of waffle he had been chewing. “When is it?”

A polite enough non-committal sort of response.

McCoy looks at Spock sharply, but Spock ignores him, as usual.

Jim smiles. Spock likes his smiles, they soothe him.

“October 31. On Halloween. They’ll turn the cafeteria into party central. Food, drinks, dancing. Costumes. Sounds wicked.”

Spock is aware that ‘wicked’ is supposed to be good, but he doesn’t quite get that either.

“Sounds stupid.”

This comes from the new arrival to the table, carrying a tray containing a massive hamburger and fries. Mitchell. He slams the tray down and several fries jump onto the table. For some reason, Jim reaching for them and eating them bothers Spock. Not the issue of hygiene, though that element exists as they landed on a not so clean table, but that Jim eats food from Mitchell.

“Why you think that?” Finnegan asks.

“Just lame. We should forget the kiddie games and go get wasted at Calhoun’s.”

Calhoun’s is an establishment Spock does not care for, but he is aware that Jim frequented the place with his cohorts prior to his association with Spock. He waits for Jim’s reaction, aware that Humans can be prickly. Jim most especially.

“You can go to Calhoun’s, Gary,” Jim says easily, stealing fries off of Mitchell’s plate now. Mitchell does not stop him, and Spock wishes he would.

Spock pushes the remains of his waffle and vegan sausages toward Jim, who smiles, and tears off a hunk of the waffle.


Jim shrugs. “Spock and I are going to the Halloween thing.”

Spock knows he has not agreed to any such thing, but he also knows not to say so, and certainly not to say anything that would give Mitchell leverage to convince Jim to change to his plans.

Spock does not miss that Jim’s three friends are looking at him now, daring him to contradict what Jim has just said.

He would not, not in front of any of them. He knows better.

Jim is also looking at him, a smile playing at his lips, lips that very morning were wrapped around his…

“Indeed, we are.”

And that earns Spock a glorious smile from his Human and he knows he answered wisely. And he knows he will be forced to wear some inane costume. But somehow, as that smile lights the room, and Jim covers Spock’s hand with his own, he does not mind so much.

Flash Fic Sunday, October 25, 2020

Just an extra bit of fun from Starfleet Academy.

“Where are you going this time of night?”

Jim ran his hand through his hair and gave a little shrug. He had just pulled on his favorite leather jacket. “I can’t sleep. I thought maybe a walk—”

His best friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy snorted. “You think it’s because we watched that slasher fic?”

“The guy who loaned it to me said it wasn’t scary.”

“He lied. You jumped a hundred times.”

“Yeah. Well.” Jim shoved Bones. “You jumped twice that.”

“Whatever. I’m gonna have some warm milk and I’ll be sawing Zs in no time.”

“Warm milk?” Jim made a face. “Yuck. I don’t even like it cold. I won’t be long. I’ve just got a lot of energy to burn. I need to walk it off.”

“Sure sure.” Bones patted his shoulder.

Jim opened the door.

“If you see Freddy Kruger…run.”

“Not funny,” Jim muttered.

He stepped outside into the thickest fog he remembered in a long time. And the further he got in it, the more he knew he should have turned back around and gone back to his dorm room.

It became so damp with thick fog, it wet his hair and face and he began to get disoriented in it.

Jim began to become a little afraid he was lost. He felt a little bit like one of the idiots in the movie he’d just watched.

And then he heard footsteps behind him.

It’s no one, Jim thought. Just someone else out in the fog.

But then for a moment the fog cleared, and Jim saw him.

Not Freddy but a headless horseman holding a Jack-o’-lantern in one hand. The figure raised it, cackling madly.

As Jim turned to run, his heart in his mouth, the beast strode closer and flung the Jack-o’-lantern directly at Jim. It thunked into the back of Jim’s head and Jim pitched face forward into the ground.

His head feeling fuzzy, his breath stolen, he turned onto his back. He moaned in pain as he felt a trickle of blood ooze down his forehead. His vision blurry, he stared up at someone lurking over him, ominous and malevolent.

“Headless,” he whispered, and then darkness overcame him.

“Wake up. Mister Kirk? Can you hear me? Wake up.”

He woke to someone shining a very bright light into his eyes. Jim swatted at them.

“There you are.” The bright light disappeared, and some old dude’s face replaced it. He wore a white coat. “How do you feel?”

“Like my head’s going to explode.”

“Common in a concussion. You hit your head pretty badly. Cracked it open. It’s no wonder. Traveling around in weather like this. tsk. I’m Doctor Bailey. I’m going to order you some more tests. You’ll be here for the night.”

And then he was gone.

“Wait. How did I get here? What?”


Jim turned too fast and it made him wince. “But there standing beside his bed was a Vulcan. He looked familiar.

“Professor Spock?”

“Indeed. I found you lying on the ground, Mr. Kirk. And had you taken to Starfleet Medical. You are fortunate.”

“And the horseman?”


“He threw his head at me.”

Spock shook his head. “There was no one else. You are obviously suffering from delirium.”


“It is all right. The doctor will return soon. I have also notified your roommate. He is on his way.”

Jim touched the bandage on his head. “Okay. Um. Thanks.”

“I will come back to check on you in the morning.”

And Spock left.

Jim blinked rapidly, staring at the ceiling.

Then in the distance he heard a cackling cry.

Flash Fic, October 23, 2020

“Bones, there’s no such things as ghosts.” Jim paused as they walked along while he ducked to avoid a banner that read Julie’s Haunts. “It’s all make believe.”

“I know that.” Bones glanced behind him. “Sorta. It’s just that my Aunt Willie…”

“Your aunt’s name was Willie?”

“Wilhelmina. As I was saying before I was interrupted…”

“Rudely interrupted.” Jim laughed.

“Yes. My sainted mother used to say she saw Aunt Willie wandering around by the duck pond behind our house.”


“Aunt Willie had been dead for years, Jim.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Well if your momma said…”

Bones wagged a finger at him. “Don’t you go sassing my momma.”

Jim ignored him. Well, just kind of. He ducked behind another banner that read The Thrill.

“Jim, this seems an odd place to meet your new boyfriend.”

“It’s a haunted festival, Bones.”

“Still. I don’t think ghosts are something to take lightly. My Uncle Roo…”

“Wait. Who?”

“Roo. Short for Roosevelt.”

“What happened to Aunt Willie?”

“Other side of the family. Uncle Roo saw his sweet momma…”

“Don’t tell me.” Jim held up his hands. “By the duck pond.”

Bones gave him a look. “Of course not. Out by the barn.”

“There’s always a barn.”


“We’re here.” Jim had stopped in front of a Haunted House that declared itself Windorf Manor.

“Where is here?”

Jim grabbed Bones’ arm. They went inside.

Just inside the door was a witch.

Jim grinned. “Should have known you’d make a good witch, Uhura.”

“Funny.” She lifted her wart covered long appendage that hung off her real nose. “Spock’s in there.”

Bones snickered. “What’s lover boy dressed as?”

“You’ll see. Next room.” She put her hand on Jim’s arm. “Wait. Tickets please.”

Jim snorted and handed her the tickets for him and Bones.

He went to the next room. Saw the Grim Reaper.

“Uh. Spock?”

The hood was lowered, and the mask removed. Yes, it was Spock.


Jim laughed and went to him, kissing him soundly, ignoring the gagging noises Bones made.

“This seems odd for you, Spock,” Bones said after collecting himself.

“Nyota talked me into it. And it is for charity.”

“Gotta say you look kinda spooky.”

“I’m surprised the idiot here didn’t get talked into being a zombie or something.”

Jim shuddered. “Do not say the Z word. Those are so creepy.”

Bones made a wooo sound and Jim shoved him.

“Thought you said there were no such things as ghosts.”

“Ghosts yeah. But zombies…”

A hand fell on his shoulder. Jim jumped and turned quickly, turning around to see a zombie leering at him.


Jim screamed, turning and fleeing the room.

Bones doubled over, laughing.

“Sulu, he’s going to kill you!”

“Well, geez, I didn’t know he was going to flip out that much.”

Spock sighed. “I had better go after him. He will be upset the rest of the day.”

“Guess you’ll have to comfort him then.”

Spock went to the next room.

Nyota pointed outside with a shake of her head.

Spock went outside to find Jim pacing back and forth next to the sign that reads Windorf Manor.

“Jim? Jim, are you all right?”

“Yeah. I guess. Just…embarrassed.”

“There is no need. Sulu was intending to scare you.” Spock frowned slightly. “Is that not the point of these kinds of things in October?”

Jim shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “Er. Yeah. I just…I don’t like scary things.” He laughed. Turned red.

He was adorable.

Spock took his hand. “I am done for the day. Come, you can stay at my apartment tonight, we will get whatever you want to eat, and I will pamper you.”

Jim smiled. “Pizza? A Hamburger? Chips?”

“All of that?”

Jim nodded.

“Very well, ashayam. All of that.”

As they left the Halloween Festival, Spock noticed Jim’s mood was quite a bit improved.

So was his.

Throwback Thursday #4

One of my original October Halloween Shorts

Photo by Pixabay on

On the Edge which was first published October 18, 2016

I know Vampires are not everyone’s cuppa…but here it is.

Jim stood in front of the mirror trying to figure out if he looked just right. He straightened out the cape that he had fastened around his neck.

“What are you supposed to be again?”

Jim eyed his roommate, Leonard, dispassionately. “Isn’t it obvious? A vampire.” His hair was greased back and he’d added a white stripe down the middle to look distinguished. And a bit of white makeup to his face to look pale and undead-like.

“Oh. For a minute I thought maybe you were going as a skunk.”

Jim whipped around, because that’s what you did when you wore a cape. “A skunk?”

Leonard smirked.  “I think it’s the white stripe.”

“Skunks don’t wear capes, brainless.”

“Well as long as we know the distinction.”

“Should I add blood around my mouth or something do you think?”

Leonard folded his arms across his chest. “What for?”

“To look like I’ve been drinking blood.”

“Don’t you want to be all thirsty for his blood?”

Jim squished up his face. “Good point.”

“I have them occasionally,” Leonard said dryly.

“Sure you don’t want to come?”

“Positive. I’m going to watch some TV and go to bed early.”

“Boring,” Jim pronounced. “Where are my teeth?”

Leonard handed him plastic teeth.

“Think I should have splurged on the more expensive kind?”

“Those work just fine.”

Jim nodded. “Okay good. I don’t know when or if I’ll be home tonight.”

“I know. Enjoy. But be careful. Watch your drinks.”

“I will,” Jim promised.

He left their apartment and made his way down the dark streets to where he was supposed to meet his date for the night. Jim thought it was kind of weird to meet in a wooded area but he guessed that was supposed to be all part of the ambiance of Halloween or something. And Jim could handle himself so he wasn’t worried about that. He’d taken martial arts.

When he first arrived at the rendezvous point, he was alone so he checked his watch and saw that he was about five minutes early. Standing there he heard the hoot of an owl and he could swear a bat flew overheard.

“Atmospheric,” he muttered. He took the plastic teeth out of his pants pocket and stuck them in his mouth. They tasted nasty and made extra saliva form in his mouth. Didn’t really fit right either. Ugh. He pulled them back out. He did not want to wear them all damn night. “God, these teeth suck.”

“I thought their purpose was to bite.”

Jim turned around so fast it was no wonder he was still standing. A man stood in the darkness of the trees. Tall and dark. He wore dark robes too. In the moonlight all he could make out from where the man stood was his pale face.

“Jesus, you scared the crap out of me.” Jim put his hand on his chest.

“In the spirit of the occasion perhaps.”

The man stepped closer so that Jim could make out his features. He was gorgeous, really. But his hair was cut in a weird bowl cut and he had pointed ears.

“Who are you?” Jim demanded.

“My name is Spock. Why are you here?”

“I’m supposed to meet someone.”

“Then you have succeeded. You have met me.”

Jim laughed a little. “No. I mean someone specific. His name’s Gary.” He glanced at his watch. “He should be here.”

“I know of who you mean. He is not coming.”

“He’s not? How do you know?”

“I saw him,” the man said. “He is not meeting you, James.”

“Damn it. Stood up? Wait, how’d you know my name?”

“It is of no consequence.”

Jim frowned. Took in the man’s appearance. “What are you supposed to be anyway? A monk? The weird hair and robes go with that, but what’s with the ears? Are you an elf? Are you dressed like someone from the Lord of the Rings?”

Spock inclined his head. “Something like that.”

“Well.” Jim was suddenly very cold and he pulled the flimsy vampire cape around him. “I guess I should leave if Gary’s not coming.”

“You could come with me.”

“With you? I don’t even know you.”

Spock arched one of his perfectly groomed eyebrows. “We can change that quickly enough.” He stepped closer to Jim until he was standing in his personal space. He looked very intently at Jim. “You want to come with me, James.”

Jim stared into his dark eyes. “Yes.”

Spock’s hand came up to frame Jim’s jaw. Jim should pull away. He knew he should and yet, he swayed into Spock, closer, pushing against him. He opened his mouth to say something but instead it was like an invitation for Spock’s head dipped and took possession of Jim’s mouth. Spock’s thumb stroked the corner, forcing his mouth open wider for Spock’s tongue to push inside.

Jim felt dizzy, like perhaps he would faint, so he dropped the plastic teeth he still held and found himself clutching Spock’s shoulders. Spock lifted him off the ground like he weighed nothing and he was pushed against the trunk of a tree as Spock deepened the kiss. Jim couldn’t breathe and hardly even cared.

The kissing could have lasted seconds, minutes, hours. Jim didn’t know. But all of a sudden Spock released him and he stood on solid ground again and surprisingly far away from any of the trees. He blinked, confused.

“Come with me,” Spock said, softly, but with authority.

“I should-I should. Where was I going?”

Spock held out his hand, palm up. “Come with me.”

Jim stared at his hand and then reached out and placed his in Spock’s, who then closed his fingers around Jim’s. “Where are we going?”

Spock began to walk, pulling Jim with him. “To my lair.”

“Your what?”

“My home.”

“I could swear you said lair.” Jim laughed nervously.

Behind him, Jim heard a low pain filled moan.

“What was that?” he asked.

“The riff-raff,” Spock replied, tugging Jim along. “Pay it no mind.”

“But it sounds like maybe someone’s hurt.”

“It is no concern of yours, James.”

Jim tried to look behind him at the group of trees he recently stood among but he could see nothing and Spock pulled him along, quickly. Why was he going with Spock again?

Spock stopped suddenly.

Jim looked ahead to see a large home shrouded in darkness. It looked more like a castle. Kind of spooky. He didn’t even think the city had such a place.

“We are not in the city.”

“Where are we?”

“My lair.”

Jim frowned as Spock turned to him and once more framed Jim’s jaw with his big, strong hand.

“It is all right, James. You need not fear. I will take care of you.”

Spock’s lips trailed to Jim’s neck, over the pulse of his throat. As he closed his eyes, he wondered why Spock’s teeth felt so sharp.

Flash Fic, October 21, 2020

Remember the Spock who picked Jim up on September 30th? This is them!

Spock spotted his dorm roommate Jim Kirk sitting by himself on the patio of the teashop. In front of him were two beverage containers and two scones. Looked like the current pumpkin spice scones the teashop had for the season.

He’d only known Kirk briefly, since picking him up on the side of the road on his way to San Francisco. They’d had some food together and during their brief time as roommates, Spock had only seen him sparingly.

But Kirk looked sad today. Like that night Spock had picked him up. And for some reason, Spock found himself compelled to check on him.

It was a Saturday and as Spock approached Kirk’s table, he noticed the fellow cadet wore a black T-shirt with the word Boo written across it in white. With a shake of his head, Spock stopped at Kirk’s table.

“Are you all right?”

Blue eyes lifted to his. Yes, sad.

“Oh. Hi Spock. Want to sit?”

Spock didn’t really. He had intended to get tea and be on his way. But those eyes made him change his mind and take the offered seat.

“I presume your intended companion will be along soon.”

Jim smiled wryly. “Nah. I’ve been stood up.”

Spock found that very hard to believe. Who in their right mind would stand up Kirk?


“Yes.” He sighed. “Been here for a while. She was supposed to come about an hour ago. Tea’s cold now. Guess I’ll be taking the scones and the tea to go.”

“I am…sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m kind of used to it.”

Spock frowned. Why would he be used to it?

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“Came to collect some tea on my way back to our dorm.” Spock hesitated. “If I may, who were you intending to meet?”

He had not actually seen Kirk dating anyone. Not that he paid that much attention, due to his own studies. But still…

“My mom.”

And as Spock stared at Jim, he realized the sadness made a lot of sense now. Jim had vaguely mentioned on the night they’d met that he rarely got to see his mother. And that he hoped he would in the next few weeks while her ship docked in San Francisco briefly.

“She could not make it?”

Jim shook his head. “No. She messaged me a bit ago and said her captain needed her to fix something on the ship and she couldn’t get away after all.”

Spock didn’t know what to say. He knew Jim had looked forward to it. “Perhaps tomorrow…”

“They leave again tonight.” Jim sighed. “Wasn’t meant to be.”

“When-when was the last time you were able to see her?”

“I don’t know. A few years, I guess.”

Spock pursed his lips. “My hover car is outside. Why don’t I take you to where her ship is docked? Perhaps you can have a few moments with her then.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Really?”



Spock didn’t like to speed. At all. But the sight of Jim Kirk hugging his mother, an engineer on the USS Excelsior, shortly after they arrived, was worth any discomfort he had at bending the law a bit.

Jim had a security guard call her off the ship, and after a short time, Winona Kirk had come out, looking a little frazzled, but smiling big as she greeted her son.


They had hugged for a considerable amount of time.

When finally they’d stopped embracing but still had their arms locked, Jim turned to Spock.

“Mom, this is Spock. Spock, my mom.”

“Commander Kirk, it is a pleasure.”

“The pleasure is mine, Spock. Thank you so much for bringing me my son.” She turned back to Jim. “I have to go now, sweetheart. But God it was so great to see you and feel you.”

Jim nodded. “I know. Here.” He handed her the bag with both pumpkin scones. “Love you.”

“Love you more.” She dabbed at her eyes with her uniform shirt and then went up the ramp back to her ship.

Jim smiled at Spock. His eyes were shining, his cheeks flushed, and Spock thought just then, he might be a little in love.


“Let’s go back, Spock.”

They left the hanger.

“Can we get a pizza?”

Spock shook his head and sighed. “Yes, Jim.”

Flash Fic, October 19, 2020

 Spock was sitting at the dining room table in Winona Kirk’s home in Riverside, Iowa, working on his PADD.  

Captain Kirk and his mother were outside, apparently surveying her yard and crops.

“To see if it’s Harvest time”.

They were there, visiting in October. It was a temporary leave and they were nearer Earth than New Vulcan, so there was not enough time to visit Spock’s father.

He and Nyota had ended their romantic relationship for good and so Spock was not going to be spending their short leave with Nyota.

 So he had gone along with Captain Kirk.

Spock had been glad that Doctor McCoy had gone to Georgia rather than come with them. Spock was looking forward to spending more time with Kirk because Spock hoped, at the end of this leave, to be able to announce his intention to court his captain.

If he could do so before, he would, but with Jim’s mom there, well, Spock hesitated. He did not begrudge Jim having this visit with his mom. He was aware Jim did not spend nearly as much time bonding with his mother as he would like, and though Spock was somewhat anxious to reveal his intentions, he would wait for the right time.

He heard Jim and his mother talking a mile a minute just before the back door opened and they came inside.

“Gonna be cold tonight,” Jim announced.


“Sure will,” Winona agreed. “I’ll put some soup on. Why don’t you go up and stake out your rooms?”  

“Yeah.” Jim smiled. “Come on. Let’s get settled, and I’ll get you some warmer blankets and stuff.”

Spock rose and went up the stairs with Jim.

He could tell Jim’s mom was thrilled to have them visit and Jim seemed happy too, so that satisfied Spock for the moment.

“Was it Harvest?” he asked politely.

Jim laughed. “Yeah. But Mom just has a small bit. Hardly anything. She can’t handle rows and rows of stuff. I’ll help her tomorrow.”

He stopped and walked into a bedroom. “This was Sam’s. Mom put on fresh sheets and cleaned it. But with the temperature drop, I think we’d better get you some warmer stuff. I don’t want to make you miserable.”

Jim’s sunny smile warmed him in ways the blanket would not, and Spock wanted to say so but it seemed so fanciful.

But Jim’s expression had turned quizzical. “Something on your mind, Spock?”

He didn’t want to lie so he hesitantly said, “Yes. But it can wait.”

“No. Go ahead. Tell me what’s up.”


“Jim.” He grinned. “You can’t call me captain in my old house.”

Spock had no clue why not but decided to argue was pointless. And the topic was rather irrelevant to what he wanted to say.

“Spock.” Jim moved closer, it seemed, and his blue eyes got softer still.

Somehow it made Spock bolder, more confident.

“I wished to come along to convey my interest in changing the parameters of our relationship.”

Jim stared intently at him. “You want to leave the Enterprise?”

Alarmed, Spock shook his head. “No. I…”

Jim leaned closer still. “I know. I’m joking. I want to change those parameters too.”

Spock gave him a look. “Jim.”

He laughed. Put his lips on Spock’s who returned the kiss eagerly.

“Um. With my mom though. You probably ought to keep to this bedroom.” He laughed again. “Damn.”

Spock kissed him. “There is time.”

Flash Fic, October 16, 2020

Jim had just finished putting out the pumpkins and gourds all around his quarters and had a bag of artificial leaves to scatter around when there was someone at his door.

He was not expecting anyone, but he was captain so he could hardly ignore whoever it was.

“Yeah. Enter.”

And he was surprised to see Spock step inside.

“Oh. Hey.” Jim paused, thinking about the possibility he had forgotten some plan. “Were we supposed to play chess tonight?”

“There was no specific plan,” Spock assured him. “But I did think to ask if you were interested in a game.”

The Vulcan’s gaze darted to what Jim had clutched in his hands.

Jim felt himself blush. “I…I was decorating. For um. You know, fall.”

Spock’s brows furrowed. “There is no change of seasons in space on the Enterprise.”

“Yeah. I know. I just…” Jim shook his head. “Never mind. Aren’t you doing something with Uhura?”

“Jim, Nyota and I are not together.”

“Uh. I thought you…I mean yeah I heard you broke up, but I figured you’d get back together. Like you always do.”

“We are not. We care for each other, but we are not resuming our romantic relationship.”

Jim hugged himself, feeling weirdly vulnerable. Realizing he was still holding the leaves, he set them down on his desk. “I had planned on carving a pumpkin too.”

“Carving a pumpkin?”

“Back home it’s October. I got a message from my Mom and we were talking about the seasons and I got a little homesick. I replicated all this. I was going to make a Jack-o-Lantern. And maybe some pumpkin pie. Stuff like that. But sure, if you want to play chess, that’s cool.”

“I would like to spend the evening with you in any capacity. I am amenable to assisting you with your décor.”

“With me?”

Spock visibly deflated. “I had hoped…it is nothing.”

Something occurred to Jim then.

“Wait. You…you’re not going to resume a romantic relationship with  Uhura and you’re…Spock. Are you?”

Spock sighed. “Yes.”

Jim allowed a smile to play on his lips. “Bones is right.”


“My thick skull.”

He opened his arms and moved toward Spock. “Yes, I’d love for you to stay.”


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