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January Flashes

January 31, 2023

Jim wouldn’t exactly say he was disappointed to be back on the Enterprise.

The thing about shore leave was that it wasn’t really special if it was an every day thing. Or so he had convinced himself. He couldn’t entirely deny he would still love to live in a tropical paradise with an ocean view to wake up to every morning.

Waking up to the stars of the galaxy wasn’t such a bad view either, though.

And waking up next to Spock was perhaps the best view of all.

He was content. With Spock by his side and with Spock’s counsel, he could and would do another five-year mission. Then perhaps retire. Or semi-retire.

He just couldn’t imagine himself just sitting around in the farmhouse, getting up to chop wood for the fire or whatever. He didn’t really see Spock as particularly stationary either. Spock’s counterpart had stayed active and involved right up to his death. Spock would be the same.

Jim spent extra time with Bones, sharing a meal in the mess with him and then later a drink on Bone’s quarters because Spock had told him not to come to their quarters quite yet. He had a surprise for Jim.

Finally Spock communicated with him that he could come to their quarters.

“Got any idea what surprise Spock has for me?” Jim asked as he prepared to leave.

Bones smirked. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“You do know!”

His friend shrugged and said, “Have a good night, Jim.”

Jim made his way to his quarters, perhaps with a quick anticipation in his step. The door opened at his command.

Spock stood in the middle of their quarters, hands clenched behind his back, wearing his favorite pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a T-Shirt.

“Welcome, Captain.”

Jim smiled. “Captain is it?”

His husband’s lips twitched. “Would you like to take a bath?”


“In your new whirlpool tub.”

“My…what? Spock, we can’t have that on the ship.”

“In fact we can. It’s all approved and installed. And while you are correct in that it is neither advisable or practical to make use if it every day, once a week is acceptable.” Spock held out his hand. “Come, T’hy’la. Let’s try it out.”

The end….thanks for reading this little series. Starting tomorrow, February first, I will be posting flashes with the theme of love/Valentine’s. Only on Wednesdays I am afraid with the exception of Tuesday, February 14. You’ll still get Bombay chapters on Fridays too.

Flash Fic, January 26, 2023

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Jim was resplendent when a short time later he appeared before Spock dressed and ready for their renewal ceremony. Somehow he’d obtained, Spock imagined by contacting McCoy, the embroidered robes he’d worn when they formally bonded all those years ago on New Vulcan.

“You are beautiful.”

Jim gave him a doubtful look. “Yeah? I mean It’s just a tad tight around the stomach. I guess I put on a few pounds in these last fifteen or so years.”

“Not many. You are quite fit.”

Jim smiled. “I’m more gray too. By a lot.”

“We all age, Jim.”

“Not you. Look at you. You look the same. I’m jealous.”

Spock shook his head. “You are stubborn as ever. You are magnificent and everyone knows it. Do I have the doctor to thank for sending our robes here?”

“Uh-huh. I contacted him right after I talked to T’Merr.”

“That is the priestess?”

“Yes. She’s ready anytime we are.”

“Are there to be guests?”

“Nope. I decided to make it private. Just you and me. Well her too obviously.” Jim looked uncertain. “That’s okay, right? Or should I have invited our friends?”

“I am content with just us,” Spock assured him. He took Jim’s hand in his. “Shall we?”

Jim leaned in to kiss him. “She’s waiting for us in the private garden.”

Hand in hand, the two of them walked out to the suite’s private garden area where Spock saw the Vulcan Priestess waiting for them. He didn’t remember ever seeing her before but she looked young.

“Spock, this is T’Merr. And this is Spock.”

She greeted Jim with warmth in her eyes and then turned to Spock. “I have heard much about you, Spock. I am familiar with your sire.”

Spock acknowledged this and couldn’t help nut murmur,  “It is unusual to find a Vulcan Priestess on Risa.”

“Indeed. I suppose it is unusual to find a Vulcan at all,” she returned. “I am currently on sabbatical.” She paused. “A crisis of logic.”


“I assure you I still quite trained and capable of this, however, or I certainly would not have agreed when your very charming mate asked.”

My mate is persuasive.”

Spock was surprised when she chuckled. “As fascinating as I find him, I am well aware of your T’hy’la bond and how sacred it is. While predictable your jealousy is unfounded.”


Jim laughed right with her. “She’s got your number. And don’t worry, Spock, I’m all yours.”

He gave his mate a disgruntled look but then moved to stand beside Jim and before the Priestess.

After a moment, she put her hands on each of their faces. “You may begin.”

“Spock, I commit myself to you body, mind and soul,” Jim spoke flawless Vulcan.  

“Jim, I commit myself to you body, mind and katra.”

T’Merr closed her eyes. “As it comes down from the beginning without change, this is the Vulcan heart, this is the Vulcan soul.”

  Very slowly she lowered her hands from their faces. She folded them in front of her.

“I am honored to experience such a strong and worthy bond. Fortune smiles upon you.”

Spock arched a brow at her flowery, illogical words, but he nodded.

“Now, I will leave you to mark the occasion as you see fit.”

She departed in something of a willowy cloud and Jim turned to Spock, grabbing his hands.

“Thank you for that, T’hy’la,” Spock whispered.

“You are welcome. I thought, after everything, after our Pon Farr, after these years together, it would be nice.”

“And it was.” He glanced toward their suite. “We have one more night here. Perhaps we ought to go inside and mark the occasion as T’Merr suggested.”

Jim laughed. “I love the way you think.”

“Great minds, T’hy’la. Great minds.”

We will see these two one more time on January 31st

Flash Fic, January 24, 2023

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Spock had to admit he was enjoying this part of their shore leave on Risa. Prior to their visit there for his own Pon Farr, Spock had viewed the pleasure planet with some amount of derision.

But this resort they stayed at made Spock change his mind. He was aware there were still many inhabitants willing to offer themselves for hedonistic pleasure, but he was also aware they had a “live and let live attitude” and no one would bother you once you made your refusal of those extra “services”.

Fortunately with Jim by his side, Spock did not need any of those types of services, though he could certainly see why they might be desired.

At the moment they were seated at an outside table, under a large umbrella. They both wore only swim trunks. They’d only just returned from a dip in the warm pool. It was a private pool just for their unit of the resort so they hadn’t had to share with any other occupants. They also had a private server who brought them drinks and food as they wished to order.

It was indeed paradise.

Currently Jim sipped from some tropical concoction he seemed to be enjoying while Spock drank a native fruit juice that was really quite delightful.

Jim sighed contently. “This just makes me never want to leave.”

“Indeed,” Spock agreed. “But it would not be nearly as enjoyable if it was an everyday occurrence.”

Jim chuckled. “If you say so.”

“You do not agree?”

“I think I could withstand the hardship of having this be my life.”

Spock shook his head. Despite what Jim said, he was pretty certain Jim would become quickly bored in such a sedate life.

“We should renew our vows.”

Spock had just been about to sip his juice, so he lowered it to look at Jim. “What?”

“Not have like a huge bonding ceremony like we did on New Vulcan or even the big ol’ wedding we had on Yorktown. What a fiasco that was.”


“Okay, fiasco isn’t quite the right word. Spectacle. Anyway, it wouldn’t be anything like super formal where we’d have to recite vows we wrote or stuff. Just like stand before a Vulcan priestess and confirm our commitment.”

Spock arched a brow. “And when are we supposed to do that?”

“I’m thinking later today. I assume you’d rather have clothes on.”

“And where would we find a Vulcan priestess on Risa?”

Jim grinned. “Right next door.”


“Okay not right next door. Her suite is a few doors down from ours. I’ve already talked to her and she’s totally willing.”

Spock was, admittedly, speechless.

Jim reached over and patted his leg. “Unless you don’t want to.”

“How…how is there a Vulcan priestess here?”

Jim shrugged. “Guess she wanted to get away for some peace and solitude. This is a beautiful place. I met her while you were still resting. She was cool.”

“Cool,” Spock repeated.

“Yep.” Jim smiled. “Yes or no?”


Flash Fic, January 19, 2023

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“How’s that feel?”

Spock leaned back in the giant spa tub which seemed vaguely obscene in size. Of course this room had been chosen to be luxurious after their “ordeal”. It wasn’t much of an ordeal, Spock had to admit. He and Jim had been together for so long that they had love making down to a “t” as Jim would say. And Pon Farr was just…a lot of love making.  Even their first time, Spock discovered it wasn’t the horror he’d always imagined it to be.

Jim had added many soap bubbles, scented with roses, together with rose petals themselves.

“It feels a bit hedonistic,” Spock admitted.

Jim laughed. “This whole place is. Not just this room, this planet.”

“True. Would you join me?”

Jim’s grin widened.  “I’d love to.” He dropped the terry cloth robe he’d pulled on earlier to the floor and then lifted a foot, then leg into the tub to join Spock.

After he was settled into the bubbles with Spock, Spock pulled him close so they could snuggle together in the heated scented water.

“Wish we could have one of these on the Enterprise.”

“I do not think they are considering adding such things to the layout of the ship. Even the captain’s quarters.”

“They totally should. We should have one in each one of our retirement homes.”

Spock considered. “You’ve mentioned retirement before. And more than once recently. Are you actually considering it?”

Jim shrugged against him. “Well. I mean someday, right? And I’d like to be young to enjoy aspects of it.”

“And yet during the admiral’s recent call you indicated you’d be up for another five years.”

“Hmm. Does that bother you? I know I probably should have talked to you first.”

“Being the leader of a starship is your first best destiny. I can hardly argue with that.”

“But you can, you know. This is a partnership.”

“Wherever you are, I belong. If you wish to serve another five years I am amenable.”

Jim smiled faintly. “As long as we both come back alive.”

“There is always that.” Spock wrapped his arms tight around Jim. “Still, this is quite nice. You may be right about having one of these wherever we retire to.”

Jim chuckled. “I’m always right, Mr. Spock.” “If you say so, Captain.” Then he put his fingers on Jim’s jaw to turn his face for a kiss

Flash Fic, January 17, 2023

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When Spock opened his eyes he felt as though he had been absent from his world for a very long time, yet even as he rolled over from his stomach he noted his bondmate sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, smiling at him.

“T’hy’la?” His throat hurt some from yelling his release during intimacies and so the word came out a hoarse whisper.

“Welcome back to reality.” Jim handed him a glass of water and Spock drank from it greedily. Jim’s hand reached over to smooth a lock of Spock’s hair. “How do you feel?”

Spock considered his answer, then said carefully, “Better I believe.”

“Are you hungry? I bet you are. I have some quinoa and tofu stuff ready for you.” Jim made a face which almost cause Spock to laugh, but he wasn’t quite in a laughing mood.

“You are well?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve been awake and up for a while. I even took a dip in the pool outside our room.” He reached for Spock’s hand and squeezed it. “Let me get that food for you.”

Spock was reluctant to see Jim move away, not because he was still in the throes of Pon Farr, but more because, generally, afterward, he craved extreme closeness to his bondmate.

Jim returned in hardly any time though and returned to sitting on Spock’s bed. He handed him a plate of quinoa mixed with seasoned vegetables and tofu.

“I ordered that when I saw you were waking up. Bones said you’d be out about twelves hours but it was more like fifteen.”

Spock took a bite of the food and nodded. “It was quite exhausting. And I saw that you were settled and resting before I rested myself.”

Jim smiled. “Of course you did. Did you hypo my shoulder? I saw a tiny bandage there.”

“Yes, I gave you electrolytes per Doctor McCoy’s instructions. And a small sedative to help you to rest.”

“You’re good at taking care of me.”

“You are my T’hy’la.” Spock ate more of the food, feeling better with each bite. “You went swimming?”

Jim grinned. “I did. And had a long soak in the whirlpool tub. I never want to leave.”

“We do have a few days left for our shore leave,” Spock commented, amused.

“I think when we retire we should consider purchasing a vacation home on Risa.”

“Hmm. There are a number of possibilities for such things.” Spock finished the food and Jim took the empty plate away.

“Would you like to go for a swim?”

“Perhaps later.”

“The whirlpool tub?”

Spock nodded. “That sounds currently more agreeable.”

Jim stood and reached a hand to haul Spock up. “Come then. There are even bath salts and bubbles.”

Spock brought Jim close for a moment, holding him. “I adore you.”

“I know. Same, Spock. Same.” And Spock allowed Jim to take care of him. Soon, when he was energized, he fully intended to make Jim’s comfort his priority for the rest of their leave. Jim had surely earned it.

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Flash Fic, January 12, 2023

I’ve been kind of doing Tuesdays and Thursday this month, so this one is a bit late but better late than never. Follow up to Tuesday’s flash.

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Jim opened his eyes to see Bones hovering over him with a medical tricorder.


Bones smiled slightly as he met Jim’s gaze. “Hey yourself. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good considering. How’s Spock?”

“Unconscious like last time but otherwise fine.”

Jim nodded and licked his lips. “Kinda thirsty.”

“You’re getting fluids currently and I’ll get you some water in a minute. I’ve ordered you some food too which the staff of this here fancy hotel is bringing up any time.” Bones lowered the tricorder. “Your vitals are near normal. But you need food, water, and rest.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Fortunately I’m in a luxury hotel for that. They even have a whirlpool tub.”

Bones nodded. “When you’ve slept some, go ahead and use it. Should help with any sore muscles. I’ve fixed any actual wounds.”

Jim arched a brow. “Were there a lot?”

“Nah, just a few. Nothing too dramatic.”

“How long will Spock be out?”

“I’d say twelve hours or so. I’ve given him fluids too but see that he eats when he wakes, will ya?”

“Of course I will.”

Bones straightened. “There’s the door and your food. I’ll bring it and then, you, after you eat, go to sleep.”

Jim smiled as Bones helped him to sit up in the bed, and got him situated with pillows behind him so he could eat.

Part of him was relieved they’d made it through another Pon Farr. But admittedly, part of him was sorry it was over. He’d heard terrible things about it before their first one. Spock had even been concerned. But it was nothing they couldn’t handle, either of them, and this one had been even easier.

He could see that Spock was in another bed in the hotel room, lying on his stomach, his hair standing on end every which way. But he looked peaceful, the intense desperation having passed.

And as Bones returned with his dinner, Jim felt pretty peaceful too.    

Flash Fic, January 10, 2023

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“What’s your favorite memory of your husband?”

The interview question took Jim by surprise and in order to think about it, he picked up his coffee cup and took a sip of the bitter brew and tried not to wince. There’d been a reason the coffee was mostly untouched since he’d ordered it. This place knew nothing about a good cup of coffee.

He set the cup down with a noticeable clink and looked out over the grounds located near the table he shared with the reporter. It had been a mistake to accept the interview request. He didn’t like giving interviews. Didn’t like talking about himself, no matter what others thought.

Directly next to him and the female reporter from Risa was a row of animal shaped hedges and over and beyond them was an Olympic-sized swimming pool loaded with bathing beauties of both genders.

“Captain, shall I repeat the question?”

“No. It’s just I’ve been with my husband for a number of years, Jill. It’s hard to come up with just one memory. If you could be more specific?”

“Rumor has always been that you two met under difficult circumstances. Did you?”

“Sure. He wanted to bring me up on charges of cheating his test and have me expelled from the Academy.”

“So it is true?”


She typed madly into her PADD. Jim suspected she was going to make Spock out as some villain in her article. He couldn’t quite have that.

“I did.”


“Cheat. Sort of. I reprogrammed the test. Anyway, that’s all ancient history.” He gave her a winning smile. ”We got over it.”

She gave him an assessing look. “Like you got over being marooned on Delta Vega where you were almost eaten?”

“That’s classified. How’d you know about that?”

Jill shrugged. “People talk. Is this some kind of honeymoon, Captain? Being on Risa and all.”

“We’ve been married fifteen years.”

“A second or third one then?”

It wasn’t anything like that. Jim had no intention of telling her what it was. That Spock’s Pon Farr was imminent and Risa was close to their location when they became aware of it. There was a luxury hotel there that could accommodate both Spock’s and Jim’s needs, and so here they came. The crew got shore leave out of it too.

But tell this busybody reporter that? No.

“Just shore leave for my crew. They’ve earned it.”

“You don’t think they’ll end up being too rowdy?”

Jim laughed. “I don’t think that’s possible here.”

His communicator beeped and he flipped it open. “Kirk here.”

“I think it’s time for you to report for duty,” Bones said, dryly.

His heartrate punched up, his anticipation too. The last one had been…remarkable.

“On my way.” He closed the communicator and made to rise.

“You have to go now? We haven’t finished my interview.”

“You can submit your questions to me electronically.”

“Can’t you spare just a few more minutes?”

“I am afraid not. Have a good stay.”

And ignoring her pout, Jim headed to the Risa Grand Princess for the definite beginning of his shore leave.

Flash Fic, January 06, 2023

Just a quickie inspired by J advising that this date is Spock’s birthday (years into the future of course)

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Jim found his first officer alone gazing out from a balcony that overlooked one of the parks in Yorktown. It was just outside of a conference room and something about Spock’s body language gave him pause.

“You okay?”

Spock let out a slow, soft breath, then glanced at Jim. “Nyota and I have ended our relationship.” He paused. “For good I believe.”

“Yeah? I mean, you guys seemed like you were getting close again just two days ago.”

“We disagree on the direction our relationship should take,” Spock replied. “It is not altogether unexpected. It has been challenging between us for a while.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. Listen, how come I didn’t know today was your birthday?”

Spock blinked at him. “I do not know. Vulcans are not in the habit of marking their birth as a remembrance, but it is a part of my official record.”

“I think there’s a reprimand there somewhere,” Jim said. He put his hand on Spock’s arm. “Funny our birthdays are so close together. That’s crazy.”

“I see no particular significance in it.”

“Well, I do. I’ve never had a birthday buddy before.”

Spock frowned. “Birthday buddy?”

“You know you really should have been part of the party two days ago. If I had known…you know, Bones has to know, right?”


“I’m sure he does. I’ll have to have a word with him.”

“Captain, I do not think that is necessary.”

Jim ignored that to say, “Want to go have a birthday drink with me?”

Spock glanced away, out at the park. “I am not in the mood.”

Jim deflated. “Oh. Okay.”

Spock straightened away from the railing and faced Jim. “But if you are amenable, we could have tea in my temporary quarters.”

Jim’s gaze met Spock’s and the warmth there made him smile. “I’m definitely amenable.”   

Flash Fic, January 05, 2023

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Spock had long been used to his husband’s flirting.

Even when they hadn’t been together it had been hard to miss. Back so many years ago, walking side by side, and Jim walking backwards almost to give females attention. It was the start of Spock developing a sort of crush on his then captain (briefly demoted shortly after),which he had assumed would fade with time.

After all crushing on someone with questionable morals was not in his best interests.

Then Jim had died saving them all and Spock’s crush became love.

He did nothing about it for a long time. He had still been convinced that Jim’s flirting was likely a good indicator that he would never be a faithful mate. And he could not deny that Nyota had encouraged that way of thinking.

After he had finally ended things with Nyota for good and actually pursued a relationship with Jim, Spock had learned the truth of Jim’s character. He was nothing like what everyone assumed, Spock included, and in fact he was everything Spock had ever wanted in a faithful, loving mate.

Jim still flirted, of course, but Spock knew it was nothing.

“What?” Jim asked as they stepped inside their San Francisco apartment after a lengthy party. “What’s that look for, honey?”

“You were flirting,” Spock said, reproachfully, but without much heat. In their now twenty-five years together neither of them had ever strayed. When you had perfection why would you?

Jim laughed. “Only a little. And just with, uh, what was that, er, hell, I can’t even remember what she, er, was.”

Spock shook his head, bemused. “And Doctor Flanners?”

His husband gave him a quizzical look. “Who?”

“Tall, thin man with a mustache. Graying hair.”

“I was not flirting with that guy.”

“But I—”

Jim stepped forward and kissed Spock. ”Sorry, babe, but he was interested in you not me.”

“Surely not.”

“Surely so.” Jim laughed. “Just admit you’re a hottie and get over it. Come on, let’s go to bed.”

“I am not tired.”

Jim waggled his eyebrows. “Neither am I.”

“Oh.” Spock nodded. “Ohhhh.”

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