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Spock had to admit he was enjoying this part of their shore leave on Risa. Prior to their visit there for his own Pon Farr, Spock had viewed the pleasure planet with some amount of derision.

But this resort they stayed at made Spock change his mind. He was aware there were still many inhabitants willing to offer themselves for hedonistic pleasure, but he was also aware they had a “live and let live attitude” and no one would bother you once you made your refusal of those extra “services”.

Fortunately with Jim by his side, Spock did not need any of those types of services, though he could certainly see why they might be desired.

At the moment they were seated at an outside table, under a large umbrella. They both wore only swim trunks. They’d only just returned from a dip in the warm pool. It was a private pool just for their unit of the resort so they hadn’t had to share with any other occupants. They also had a private server who brought them drinks and food as they wished to order.

It was indeed paradise.

Currently Jim sipped from some tropical concoction he seemed to be enjoying while Spock drank a native fruit juice that was really quite delightful.

Jim sighed contently. “This just makes me never want to leave.”

“Indeed,” Spock agreed. “But it would not be nearly as enjoyable if it was an everyday occurrence.”

Jim chuckled. “If you say so.”

“You do not agree?”

“I think I could withstand the hardship of having this be my life.”

Spock shook his head. Despite what Jim said, he was pretty certain Jim would become quickly bored in such a sedate life.

“We should renew our vows.”

Spock had just been about to sip his juice, so he lowered it to look at Jim. “What?”

“Not have like a huge bonding ceremony like we did on New Vulcan or even the big ol’ wedding we had on Yorktown. What a fiasco that was.”


“Okay, fiasco isn’t quite the right word. Spectacle. Anyway, it wouldn’t be anything like super formal where we’d have to recite vows we wrote or stuff. Just like stand before a Vulcan priestess and confirm our commitment.”

Spock arched a brow. “And when are we supposed to do that?”

“I’m thinking later today. I assume you’d rather have clothes on.”

“And where would we find a Vulcan priestess on Risa?”

Jim grinned. “Right next door.”


“Okay not right next door. Her suite is a few doors down from ours. I’ve already talked to her and she’s totally willing.”

Spock was, admittedly, speechless.

Jim reached over and patted his leg. “Unless you don’t want to.”

“How…how is there a Vulcan priestess here?”

Jim shrugged. “Guess she wanted to get away for some peace and solitude. This is a beautiful place. I met her while you were still resting. She was cool.”

“Cool,” Spock repeated.

“Yep.” Jim smiled. “Yes or no?”