Jim wouldn’t exactly say he was disappointed to be back on the Enterprise.

The thing about shore leave was that it wasn’t really special if it was an every day thing. Or so he had convinced himself. He couldn’t entirely deny he would still love to live in a tropical paradise with an ocean view to wake up to every morning.

Waking up to the stars of the galaxy wasn’t such a bad view either, though.

And waking up next to Spock was perhaps the best view of all.

He was content. With Spock by his side and with Spock’s counsel, he could and would do another five-year mission. Then perhaps retire. Or semi-retire.

He just couldn’t imagine himself just sitting around in the farmhouse, getting up to chop wood for the fire or whatever. He didn’t really see Spock as particularly stationary either. Spock’s counterpart had stayed active and involved right up to his death. Spock would be the same.

Jim spent extra time with Bones, sharing a meal in the mess with him and then later a drink on Bone’s quarters because Spock had told him not to come to their quarters quite yet. He had a surprise for Jim.

Finally Spock communicated with him that he could come to their quarters.

“Got any idea what surprise Spock has for me?” Jim asked as he prepared to leave.

Bones smirked. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“You do know!”

His friend shrugged and said, “Have a good night, Jim.”

Jim made his way to his quarters, perhaps with a quick anticipation in his step. The door opened at his command.

Spock stood in the middle of their quarters, hands clenched behind his back, wearing his favorite pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a T-Shirt.

“Welcome, Captain.”

Jim smiled. “Captain is it?”

His husband’s lips twitched. “Would you like to take a bath?”


“In your new whirlpool tub.”

“My…what? Spock, we can’t have that on the ship.”

“In fact we can. It’s all approved and installed. And while you are correct in that it is neither advisable or practical to make use if it every day, once a week is acceptable.” Spock held out his hand. “Come, T’hy’la. Let’s try it out.”

The end….thanks for reading this little series. Starting tomorrow, February first, I will be posting flashes with the theme of love/Valentine’s. Only on Wednesdays I am afraid with the exception of Tuesday, February 14. You’ll still get Bombay chapters on Fridays too.