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Flash Fic (Roommates), January 20, 2021

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Spock now found himself getting an apartment in an old Victorian neighborhood where the former stately homes had been converted to apartments. Theirs was on the second floor and had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen, and an even smaller living room.  He wasn’t even sure he should have gotten the place. It had all been to get away from seeing Jim every day in their dorm, but since Jim was now coming with him, it seemed a waste to rent an apartment when they could just continue to live in their dorm together.

But to admit that would be to admit to Jim he really had intended to get away from him.

So, they packed up their few belongings, and moved to the rental about a ten minute walk from the campus. They’d had to get furniture too.

On moving day, Spock noted the appearance of Jim’s new friend, another cadet who was a doctor, named Leonard McCoy. Jim inexplicably called him “Bones”.  At first Spock thought he might be a boyfriend, but after studying their interactions, Spock didn’t think so. Unusual though, considering Jim had declared Spock was his only real friend. That certainly didn’t seem to be the case, so that left Spock wondering why Jim would lie.

That night, after they’d all shared pizza on moving day, Jim said goodbye to “Bones” and turned to Spock with a stunning smile.

“Well, that’s it. We’re all moved in to our new place.”


“Feels pretty good, I’d say. I never even really thought about moving off campus before. I mean it seemed kinda cool to live just across the hall from other cadets.”

Spock pursed his lips. “You could have stayed there if that had been your preference, I did not intend to remove you from something you enjoyed.”

Jim waved this away and moved away from the door he had been leaning on after bidding goodbye to McCoy. “I’ll enjoy this too. I actually like the idea of it being just the two of us.” He laughed. “Well unless one of us has someone over anyway.”


“Speaking of, do you want to have some kind of signal?”

“Signal?” Spock had moved into the kitchen to make himself tea.

“Well, you know, if you have someone over for, um, well, stuff you’d rather not be interrupted for. We could put a sock on the doorknob of our rooms or something. That kind of thing.”

For several heartbeats, Spock was aware he simply stared at Jim, unable to form a response.


He shook his head. “I don’t intend to bring anyone of that nature over.”

“Are you sure because…”

“I am quite sure.” Spock poured his tea. “If the occasion comes up, I will visit their dwelling, which allows me to leave without the awkwardness of asking them to do so.”

“Oh.” Jim nodded, smiling tentatively. “That definitely makes sense. Well. I don’t know if I’ll have any, um, occasion to, uh, bring someone over, but if I do, I’ll put something like the sock on my door.”

“Very well,” Spock said simply.

This was Jim’s apartment too, after all, so he could hardly forbid his adult roommate from having paramours over. He wanted to, though.

But this was sort of a nightmare of his own making simply because he could not admit to Jim he didn’t want to live with him.

“All right, then, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go use the shower for the first time.” Jim grinned.

“I have no objection whatsoever.”


And Jim disappeared to his room to get ready for his shower.

Spock stared at his communication device. Currently his mother was in San Francisco with his father. Sarek had ambassadorial duties that required him being present there at the moment, and Amanda had chosen to come with him to see Spock and other family members and friends. She’d notified him a few days earlier.

He sent her a message.

“Mother, are you free to meet me for a late dinner tonight?”

A moment later, the response.

“What time?”



“Yes. Thank you.”

He closed his communicator. Some motherly advice might just be in order.    

Flash Fic, January 15, 2021

This continues the ongoing antics/relationship of the roommates, Spock and Jim.

Spock’s crush, if that’s what it was, as he found that to be such a very odd term, hadn’t gotten any better. Or rather, resolved itself.

He had spent the better part of the Winter Break with his roommate, James Kirk, eating human foods Jim introduced to him as well as watching holiday entertainment. He had found himself very much enjoying their time together, but it never really seemed to move past a friendly camaraderie.

Spock was positive that was his own doing. He was not, as it happened, inexperienced sexually. He’d had a few casual sexual encounters both on Vulcan and Earth. But he wasn’t especially good at forming friendships and romantic pairings.

While it was true he had not come right out to Jim to express an interest in sexual intercourse, all Spock’s usual subtler methods had thus far failed to bring forth an answering response in Jim.

Normally, Spock might think Jim was simply not interested in male sexual partners, but since they had begun rooming together, Spock knew he’d gone out with a few males. He hadn’t to this point thought seriously that it might be that Jim did not find Spock himself attractive.

Winter Break was now over and they were back to their courses at Starfleet Academy.  Spock found that meant he saw Jim far less. Because of their different coursework majors, Jim spent study time in a different campus library then Spock.

Spock has told himself that this is a good thing, because it means he will get over this strange affection he has for Jim if he doesn’t see him as often.

But as he returned to their dorm one night, along the way walking from the Science Library, he spotted Jim and he was not alone. Jim was engaged in kissing a female Orion. Spock didn’t linger, but instead quickened his pace.

Once he was in his dorm, Spock brought up his PADD. It might just be time to request a new dorm. Or even to get his own apartment off campus. He had the means to do so, he had just assumed the experience of living on campus would serve him well. No longer certain, Spock contemplated his next action.

When Jim returned to their dorm a short time later, smiling brightly, Spock avoided looking in his direction after spotting the “hickey” along Jim’s collarbone.

Jim didn’t seem to notice. He went into the kitchen for some orange juice out of the fridge. “Want to play some chess, Spock?”

“Thank you, no.”

It probably came out more curtly than Spock had intended for Jim’s smile slipped, but he simply nodded and poured himself orange juice.

Spock had made the acquaintance of a Betazoid just prior to the Winter Break. After sending a quick message to him, Spock reached for his coat.

“Going out?” Jim asked, sounding merely curious.

“Indeed. I have a date,” Spock replied, though he wasn’t sure why he bothered sharing that information.

Jim blinked. “Oh. Okay. Will you be back later—”

“That is uncertain. In any case, goodnight, Jim.”

And though his night with the Betazoid ended up being physically satisfying, Spock returned to their dorm in the early morning hours…empty.   Flash Fic, September 30, 2020 Flash Fic, October 21, 2020 Flash Fic, November 06, 2020 Flash Fic, November 23, 2020

Flash Fic Friday 01/03/2020

For January, we are back to Flash Fic Fridays. In February I will add back in Wednesday Flashes.

Spock should not have been surprised to look down and see Vanik standing beside him as he checked himself in the mirror in the bathroom of his apartment. It was becoming all too common to find the boy nearby. He was fond of his nephew, but he would not be all that unhappy when Sybok and Anoria took their leave of Earth with their precocious son in tow.

And yet…he was surprised. Illogically.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“I have come to learn what progress you are making with Jim.”

Spock eyed him balefully. “That is not your business.”

“I believe that it is. Since I am the one who first introduced you to Jim…”

“We became acquainted with Mister Kirk on the same day.”

“And I arranged for your first date.”

“It was an outing, not a date. And you tricked us.”

Vanik shrugged. “You were getting nowhere on your own. Which is why I am inquiring as to whether you require my assistance again. You have now been on no less than four dates with Jim, not counting the sleigh ride.”

“We rode in a carriage, not a sleigh,” Spock pointed out. “An expensive one at that. It was false advertising.”

“There would be no place in San Francisco to pull a one horse open sleigh so improvisation was required,” Vanik said simply. “Jim did not seem to mind.”

“As he is your elder and you are barely acquainted, you, perhaps, should refer to him as Mister Kirk.”

“On the contrary, he told me when we met his name was Jim. He has not rescinded the personal use of his name.” Vanik paused. “To either of us. Are you scheduled to have a date with him this evening?”

Spock sighed. “Yes. I am preparing for it now.”

“That is good news. Have you had opportunities to exchange implications of favorable softer emotions?”

Spock blinked, feeling somewhat dizzy with such a convoluted sentence.  “I am quite sure that is not your business. Nor is any of the specific details of my interactions with Jim.”

Vanik frowned. “But you do…like him?”

He hesitated only a moment. “Yes.”

“And he likes you?”

It was on the tip of Spock’s tongue to advise the boy to direct that question to Jim, but then he realized Vanik would, and Jim certainly didn’t need to have the boy pestering him with personal inquiries.

“Yes,” Spock replied instead.

He was saved from further invasive inquiry by the blurp of Vanik’s communication device. The boy flipped it open and Spock heard Anoria’s voice.

“Vanik! You ran off again. Get back here right this instant.”

“I am with Uncle…”

“I know where you are. Stop bothering Spock. Come back to the hotel immediately.”

“I will be there soon.” Vanik closed his device and nodded at Spock. “I must go. I hope you have a most productive date with Jim.”

Spock did not reply as his nephew scampered off. Instead he looked at his colognes that had been gifts from his brother and sister-in-law just this past holiday season. He chose one and splashed it on himself.

Then he turned away from the mirror to prepare to retrieve Jim for their date.

It Is Time…

Saying Goodbye to my Fall Guys, it’s been a great three months.

Jim got up early, letting Spock continue to sleep, as he left the bedroom and went downstairs. He didn’t bother to shower. Not yet. He just pulled on the clothes he’d worn the day before and then took his hiking boots and socks with him to put on before going outside.

The air was brisk and the ground crunchy from frost, but the sky was clear, even as the sun had begun to arrive.

His breath swirled in front of him as he took his walk away from the farmhouse and Spock.

Soon opportunities like this would be gone. He sometimes went for long walks on the Enterprise, but they were seldom, if ever, solitary, as there were always crew members around at any given time and it wasn’t as though as captain, he went unnoticed. Ever.

Alone time on the Enterprise was not something Jim ever got to enjoy. And mostly, Jim was okay with that. He’d spent a lot of his early years alone, so he was okay with not being alone now. In fact, he generally preferred to be surrounded by others, especially loved ones, as he now seemed to think of his closest crew members.

But being with Spock these past three months had been Jim’s idea of heaven. However, he knew it was coming to an end.

In just a couple of days they were due back in San Francisco. Jim would be cleared by medical and then the Enterprise would be able to continue her mission.  Jim had no idea when he would be coming back here. It might be years or…dare he think it…never.

Jim was glad to be going back. He missed the beautiful lady. And he missed Bones and all the crew, their friends.

But he could admit, here, to himself, and to Spock, that this…this was nice.

He walked for miles, not even paying any great attention to his destination, but finally ending up in Riverside proper, the city, and over to a little diner he hadn’t been to since he’d left Riverside years ago for the Academy.

He seated himself at a booth and ordered a coffee, texting Spock with his whereabouts, and asking him to join him.

Jim was not at all surprised when Spock made it there in record time. He figured Spock had likely awakened and had been preparing to go in search of Jim.

Spock slid into the booth across from him and gave him a look that figured was not supposed to be reproachful, but it totally was.

“I woke and…”

“I know,” Jim interrupted softly. “I ended up going for a longer walk than I had originally planned or I’d have left a note. Sorry to make you worry.”

Spock nodded, accepted the offer of a beverage from the waitress, and then said to Jim after she left them to make their food choices, “You have been here before?”

He smiled. “Oh, sure. Many times. Mom once dated the guy who owned it.”


“God, no. This was after Frank. Nice guy, but it didn’t work out. Anyway, he used to give me free food back then. Whatever I wanted. And after…”


“Yeah. Like I said, nice guy.”

“You will miss this place.”

And Jim knew he didn’t mean the diner only but all of Riverside and Iowa itself, if came to that. And he would.


“Funny. I once couldn’t wait to get away from here. Never in a million years thought I would miss it. There’s an old phrase that says something about you can’t go home again. It’s supposed to mean that it’s never really the same, not the way you remembered, you can never get time back or the way it used to be back, that kind of thing, but in a lot of ways it’s more precious to me than it ever was back then.”

Spock reached for Jim’s hand who gladly gave it to him. “We have made pleasant memories here.”

“Yeah, we have. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

“It is the same for me.”

Jim smiled. “But I am, very much, looking forward to the New Year, the new us, the future, wherever it takes us.”

“To marriage and to bonding, is my desire.”

His smile widened and his heart was full. “Mine too.” He picked up his coffee mug and gestured for Spock to pick up his cup of tea. “To tomorrow and beyond.”

They clinked cups and took drinks and then they glanced toward the windows of the diner and watched the fresh falling snow.

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