We will see these two cuties again in 2021. The “so far” only roommates!

Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com

It was nearly time for the winter break at the Academy and Spock’s roommate, Jim, had not said anything about what his plans were for the break.

Spock was, of course, merely curious. Whatever Jim decided to do would have no direct effect on him. And yet, one evening as the date quickly approached, Spock decided to ask.

It was a Friday and Spock anticipated Jim would likely go out to party as most cadets do. Jim didn’t do it that often, Spock noticed, but he did it certainly more than Spock.

Jim was dressed quite casually, nonetheless, wearing a pair of faded and ratty looking jeans, a burgundy tank top, and nothing on his feet. He was putzing, as he called it, around the kitchen.

“Jim, are you planning on vacating the dorm during the winter break?” Spock asked.

Jim was spraying whipped cream out of a can directly into his mouth when Spock asked. He took a moment to swallow, lick the cream from his lips, and then set the can on the counter.

“Nah. I’m not going anywhere.”


Jim shrugged. “As you know, my mom’s on her ship. She’s pretty much the only family I have these days since my bro took off when I was just a kid. No need for me to go back to Iowa to an empty house. I figure I’ll just stick around here.” Jim smiled. “How about you? You going to Vulcan?”

Spock inclined his head. “I thought to stay here also. I had considered spending the break on Vulcan, but since my parents were just here and I visited with them, I have decided to forgo a visit at this point.”

“Oh. Cool.”

Spock hesitated. “Unless you wished to spend the break alone here.”

Jim laughed. “Why would I care about that? We’re living together in this dorm now. The break doesn’t make any difference. Hey, we can keep each other company.”

“Indeed.” Spock found himself somewhat pleased at this prospect. “Are you headed out tonight?”

“Nope. Gonna stay in. Get a pizza and watch old time Christmas movies on the couch.”

“That sounds…interesting.”

“I don’t know about that.” Jim grinned and then took out his communication device, presumably to order his pizza.

Spock wanted to ask to join Jim, but words failed him. He had hoped Jim might say something rather casually like, ‘want to watch with me’, but he didn’t. And Spock was far too shy to insert himself into Jim’s plans.

Yet he was surprised to hear Jim’s pizza order.

“Two cheese pizzas. One with vegan cheese please. Yep. Okay.”

Jim smiled at Spock. “Be here in about forty minutes.

“Jim, you ordered one with vegan cheese.”

“Sure. Aren’t you going to want some?”

Spock blinked. Did not answer at first.

“You aren’t going to join me?”

“I…am. Yes.”

Jim’s smile brightened. “Then vegan cheese. Trust me. You won’t regret it. It’ll be fun.”

Spock cared not at all for the holiday movies, but he was pretty sure Jim was correct. He would not regret it.